Monday, 27 August 2012

Grey Nails with Monochromatic Dots

I decided to have a go at a dotty manicure.  I have seen this done in a few different ways and with lots of different colours, but I thought a monochromatic style would be really effective.


This is a very simple look to achieve, but I think it looks really effective.  Just paint your nails in a solid base colour.  I used a Barry M nail paint here in grey.  Once your base colour has dried use a dotting tool (or you could use a toothpick) and add in dots starting near the nail bed, dotting down the side of the nail and moving down to the tip of the nail adding in a few more as you go.  I started with the black dots and then waited for those to dry before adding in the white.

Make sure you wait until your dots are completely dry and finish with a top coat to protect your design.

Hope you like my version and enjoy trying your own.

Next week I will be doing a back to school design - I hope you visit again to see it!
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