Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easter Chick Nail Art with Tutorial

Hello all,

You might have seen last week that I did the first of two Easter designs with my Strawberry Tart Bunnies.  This week I have Easter Chicks with a sparkly speckled egg effect.

I have used mainly Models Own nail polishes to create my design.  The base colour is Lemon Meringue and the orange for the chick's beak is Fuzzy Peach.  Both of these are from the Ice Cream Sundae collection.  For the sparkly speckled egg effect on my other nails I have used Disco Inferno from the Mirrorball Collection.
I have created a step by step picture guide to show you how I created this look, and hopefully it's easy for you to follow if you want to have a go yourself.

 Step one - After using a base coat to protect your nails, paint them with two coats of your base colour, in my case Lemon Meringue.
Step two - This is where you will start to create the shell for you little chick to sit in.  Using a dotting tool create a zig-zag line across your ring finger nail in white.  You do not need to wait for this to dry before moving on to step three.
Step three - Fill in the rest of the shell for your chick using your white polish (I have used Sally Hansen White On)
Step four - Add a small orange triangle above your shell and two black dots for your chick's eyes.
You could finish your design here if you wanted to, add more chicks on your other nails or like me, add on some glitter to the other nails.  I used Disco Inferno because of the colours in the glitter adding to the chick theme with gold, orange and green flecks.
I will be putting together a step by step of my Easter Bunny nails as well, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested x

Monday, 18 March 2013


Hi again all,

After catching up with my blog reading I have seen that Google Reader is on it's way out.  I am a bit worried that this might affect Google Friend Connect as well, so I have joined Bloglovin'

Find me here - I will be adding a link in my side bar too - Hope to see you there x

Strawberry Tart Easter Bunny with Tutorial

Hi all,

I have done the first of my Easter designs this week.  Cute pink Easter bunnies!

I used Models Own Strawberry Tart from the Fruit Pastel collection to create my pink Easter bunny.  This way, not only is it cute, it also smells yummy.  The Fruit Pastel collection all have lovely smells to match their pastel colours.  I started off with a coat of Essie Nourish me and then a base coat.  The base colour for my design is Eggshell from M&S.
My Easter bunny was very easy to create, I simply painted a small circle on the tip of my nail and two thin lines up from the circle with rounded edges.  After this had dried I used a bright pink nail art pen from Sally Hansen to create the nose and the insides of the ears.  Then for the eyes I used a black Models Own striper, which has a very handy pen dotting feature.  I added two dots for the eyes and used the striper end to create the whiskers.  Tah dah! You have a cute pink Easter bunny who smells like strawberries.
You could repeat the bunny on each nail if you wanted, but I chose to do a simple dotticure.  Carrying on the theme from my bunny I used Strawberry Tart to create the largest dots, a white polish for the medium sized dots and my bright pink nail art pen for the small dots.  I added the dots randomly down one side of my nail and onto the tip.

I have another Easter design next week.  Perhaps you might mix and match the two x

Monday, 11 March 2013

Models Own: Ice Neon and Fruit Pastels

Hello all,

Models Own have some new collections and they have a campaign to see which team you are on with #neonVpastel.  I just couldn't choose a 'team' as they are both so nice, so I got three from each collection!

Today I will be reviewing Pink Punch from the Ice Neon collection.


These are the Ice Neon colours that I got, from left to right, Pukka Purple, Toxic Apple, and Pink Punch.  They are called neon for a reason, the colours are so bright and vibrant.  Models Own suggest that to keep these polishes at their brightest they are best stored in the fridge.  You don't have to though - it's up to you.  I'm not as I am sure they will be bright enough anyway.


Although this is labelled as Pink Punch, I have to say I originally thought it was orange.  Depending on the light the look can change.  I would say that this is more of a coral pink, but Models Own do have Bubblegum, a bright highlighter pink in the Ice Neon collection as well.

The polish goes on nice and smoothly with very little streaking.  I always tend to use two coats of polish as I find it lasts better, but you could get away with just one coat of this if you wanted.  The neon's dry with a matte effect, but I found that this was not at matte as other polishes that give the same effect.  There was still some shine to the polish when it was dry, but if you wanted to keep the matte effect you could use a matte top coat to protect the colour, but still keep the effect.  I am not keen on matte nails, I like a bit of shine, so I used my normal top coat to give the shine you can see here.

I would recommend the Ice Neon collection if you want a super bright manicure to help bring on that summer feeling early!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Barry M: Amethyst Glitter

Hello all,

I have a new glitter polish in my life - Barry M Amethyst Glitter.  My mum got this for me whilst she was out and thought that I needed it, as lets face it, a girl can never have too many nail polishes!!

As you can see this is a gorgeous glitter.  Normally with glitters you have to use quite a few coats for this amount of glitter, but this is just one coat!  That's right, just one!  There is so much sparkle jam packed into this polish it's just lovely.
There are tiny flecks of light blue glitter and then larger fleck of pink and turquoise glitter.  These all sparkling together give this the purple amethyst look.  But that's not all, there are also flecks of round gold glitter too.  There are just so many layers of sparkle, and if you're like me and love a bit of glitter then you can't go wrong with this colour. 
I have used this over an M&S polish called Duck Egg.  This is a go to polish when I want to wear a light colour, but still have something really pretty. 
I tried out a Rimmel glitter a few weeks ago and found it to have a rather grainy finish even after top coat, but I haven't found this to be the same.  I have used two coats of top coat over to protect and add shine, but I think Barry M have done really well to avoid that 'bitty' feel after using this.
I would 100% recommend this glitter and I will probably be going to look at some of the other glitter colours in the range x

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