Monday, 11 March 2013

Models Own: Ice Neon and Fruit Pastels

Hello all,

Models Own have some new collections and they have a campaign to see which team you are on with #neonVpastel.  I just couldn't choose a 'team' as they are both so nice, so I got three from each collection!

Today I will be reviewing Pink Punch from the Ice Neon collection.


These are the Ice Neon colours that I got, from left to right, Pukka Purple, Toxic Apple, and Pink Punch.  They are called neon for a reason, the colours are so bright and vibrant.  Models Own suggest that to keep these polishes at their brightest they are best stored in the fridge.  You don't have to though - it's up to you.  I'm not as I am sure they will be bright enough anyway.


Although this is labelled as Pink Punch, I have to say I originally thought it was orange.  Depending on the light the look can change.  I would say that this is more of a coral pink, but Models Own do have Bubblegum, a bright highlighter pink in the Ice Neon collection as well.

The polish goes on nice and smoothly with very little streaking.  I always tend to use two coats of polish as I find it lasts better, but you could get away with just one coat of this if you wanted.  The neon's dry with a matte effect, but I found that this was not at matte as other polishes that give the same effect.  There was still some shine to the polish when it was dry, but if you wanted to keep the matte effect you could use a matte top coat to protect the colour, but still keep the effect.  I am not keen on matte nails, I like a bit of shine, so I used my normal top coat to give the shine you can see here.

I would recommend the Ice Neon collection if you want a super bright manicure to help bring on that summer feeling early!

Lots of people have been wondering if the Fruit Pastel collection are the same colours as the Ice Cream Sundae collection, but when you see them together you can see difference.  I am really looking forward to using the Fruit Pastels and will do a review on them soon.

Lilac Dream V Grape Juice

Jade Stone V Apple Pie
Pastel Pink V Strawberry Tart

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