Monday, 24 June 2013

Pink Punch with Black and White Dots

Hello all,

So, last week I had a nail disaster... I attempted painting my nails twice before settling for something simple and hassle free.  I was trying out a new design and it wasn't going right, not even a little bit... To put it simply it was a mess! So off that came!! So then I went for a glitter gradient with Models Own Jack Frost as one of the glitters, but that was also a disaster - sad times! Jack Frost is really thick and just didn't dry along with the other glitters so that just simply slid off my nails, so back to square one I went.  At this stage it was getting late, but I didn't want nudey nails as I was off to a BBQ the next day, so went for Models Own Grape Juice and Rimmel Disco Ball Glitter.  You can't go wrong with yummy smelling nails and a go to glitter.  I will attempt both failed designs again, but with more time and more practise first!

This week I am back with something a little more arty.  Seeing as the sun seems to have disappeared again I thought what better than something from the Ice Neon collection from Models Own to jazz things up?


Pink Punch is such a lovely colour and it really is neon bright, I have always had so many compliments when wearing it, I think because it's so hard to miss :-)  I don't really ever know how to describe Pink Punch when talking about the colour because it changes depending on the light you're under at the time.  Here you can see my first post about it.  It's named pink, but I think it's more of a coral orangy pink.  In this picture, compared to the last picture I posted of it I think it looks more orangy red.  Right now whilst typing because it's different light again it looks more pink.  This is one of the reasons I love this colour it can look different depending on where you are or what you're wearing really.  I decided to go a bit dotty this week using black and white alternately on my nails adding a mixture of larger and smaller dots.  It reminds me of Minnie Mouse!

I hope you are loving this one as much as I am?  Have you got any of the Ice Neon's? I'd be interested to know if anyone does keep theirs in the fridge and if it has made a difference in your opinion.  Leave a comment below and let me know x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Barry M: Blue Grape and Bubblegum Confetti

Hi all,

It's just a quick post this week to show off the gorgeous Barry M Blue Grape Gelly and Bubblegum Confetti.


Blue Grape is my first Gelly and I love, love, love it!!!!! It's such a rich blue and when they hi-shine, they mean it! I haven't been able to stop looking at my nails since I put it on.  As it's a gelly it's quite a thick formula.  If done carefully you could get away with one coat, but I would recommend two.  It takes a little longer to dry than other polishes, but it's worth it for the hi-shine afterwards.  You could get away without a topcoat if you wanted but I always like to use one to prolong my manicure.
As you can see I topped this with Bubblegum Confetti.  This too is gorgeous.  It is jam packed with tiny flecks of light blue and white.  I have only used one coat, but got plenty of coverage, I didn't want to over do it otherwise you wouldn't see my Blue Grape underneath.  It would work well building it up in layers as well if you wanted to go with that look though.  The finish isn't grainy after one topcoat either which is a great bonus!
I can see myself going for some more Barry M gellies and confettis! Have you got any? What are your favorites? x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Camouflage Nail Art with Tutorial

Hello all,

I was bought camouflage colours ages ago but haven't ever got round to using them so I thought it was about time.  I also haven't done a step by step for ages, so I have done one for these nails.


The colours that I have used are Mushroom by Barry M, and Becca's Brown, Grace Green and Mushroom (I will now add MO after this when referring it to it in the rest of this post) all by Models Own.

I decided that I wanted to do the camo print on my ring finger and thumb and then use the three colours that I used for the camo print on the other three fingers.

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