Monday, 29 July 2013

O.P.I Liquid Sand: Can't Let Go

Hello all,

I have a swatch this week of O.P.I Liquid Sand in 'Can't Let Go'.  I had a voucher for John Lewis for ages and found myself there at the weekend, so I decided to spend it on this gorgeous nail polish, making it only £1.50! Woo!

Anyway,  I was spoiled for choice at the O.P.I stand and did have to chuckle at the conversation between a flustered looking man and the sales woman whilst I was there -
Man - 'I have been looking for this for ages'
Sales woman - 'How can I help you'
Man - 'I've been told to get Liquid Sand in red'
Sales woman - 'Is this for someone else'
Man - 'Yes'
Sales woman - 'Well, it's just that none of the colours are called red'
Man - 'She just told me red'
Sales woman - 'This one is called Magazine Cover Mouse'
Man - 'Who names these things?? She just said red'
Sales woman - 'Did she want glitter, or just a colour'
Man - 'Red, that's all she said to me, Liquid Sand red... I'm going to call her'

I thought it was quite funny myself! Girls, if you send a boy out for polish, be warned, give more instructions that just 'red'!!

Anyway, here is Liquid Sand 'Can't Let Go'


Pretty Please

Hello all,

Could you do me the biggest favour and hop on over to the Grazia magazine website and vote for my Pastel Rainbow Ombré nails in the Grazia magazine and Nails Inc competition here : - look for @pinkglowspolish to vote!!!

Please please please! Thank you x x x


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pastel Rainbow Ombré

Hi everyone,

I keep seeing lots of different ombré nail designs around and they are just so pretty for summer.  Normally when I do ombré nails I tend to use variations of the same colour and sponge each one on individually as you can see here, but most people seem to paint their colours on the sponge directly in stripes and then dab on the nails.  I had previously tried this design using my normal technique and failed miserably! They just looked a complete and utter mess.  So I ended up taking it off and doing something different that week.

I still wanted to try this design because I have seen a few different variations of it such as here on Pinterest and here on YouTube.  So here it is...

I started off my pastel rainbow ombré, by painting all of my nails with a pearly white base.  I chose a pearly one because for some reason whenever I paint an entirely white base, I make such a mess and this time round I really didn't want anything to go wrong before I had even really started.
After my pearl base had dried I then got my Models Own Ice Cream Sundae collection and make up sponges ready.  I lined all my colours up with the tops already unscrewed so that I was realy to paint the stripes of colour directly on to my make up sponges.  I chose to use five sponges, one for each of the different ombré combinations on each of my nails.  I don't waste the sponges though as I cut off the end when I've finished and the polish is dry.  Then I can use it again afterwards.  I made sure the sponge was slightly wet before I painted on the polish so it didn't soak in too much before I had chance to dab it on to my nails.  This is what my work station looked like when I had finished all my nails.
I started with my thumbs and chose yellow and green.  Yellow at the base of my thumb and green at the tip of my nail.  I then moved to my index finger and chose to continue with the green, this time at the base of the nail and I combined that with orange.  I continued using the previous nail tip colour on the base of the next nail, orange into pink, pink into blue and blue into yellow.
If you read my blog a lot you will know that I like glitter.  So to blend my colours and add that extra sparkle I used a coat of Rimmel Disco Ball.
I am really pleased with this design and it just goes to show if at first you don't succeed, try try again x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Essie: The Girls Are Out

Hello all,

I had a very busy and hot weekend clearing out the loft and it was not a friend to my nails at all! I was going to take a picture of the damage, but it was just too sad!  But as a treat after working so hard I happened to stop by the Essie display at Boots and find my nails a lovely treat!

The Girls Are Out is such a pretty pink with the tiniest fleck of silver glitter in (hence my silver accent nail just to jazz things up a little bit!).  The colour is so rich, and the formula is great.  If you were careful you could get away with one coat, but I chose to do two.  This made the colour even more intense and bright.  My accent nail is Models Own Sterling Silver.
Nothing much else to add other than... look how pretty!! x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

E.L.F: Sunset Double Dot Dotticure

Hello all,

I have been pretty busy recently so there hasn't been too much time for blogging :-( Sad times.  I will have to dedicate some time to catch up properly with all my blog reading as I'm sure I'll have missed a load of great stuff.

Anyway, I have something very simple this week.  I started off with just a solid colour this week as I didn't really have time for anything else.  I chose E.L.F Sunset which is a really pretty pink.  This week however, I am painting nails at the charity fair for the students of the school that I work at, so I didn't think it would be right not to have any nail art.

Tonight I have livened up my mani with my double dots.  Just three down the middle of each nail.  I think I am all set to go for the fair tomorrow without having to start my nails all over again!  I hope that my nail painting will be popular to help the student raise money for their charities.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fancy French Manicure

Hello all,

I just wanted to share with you a really simple way to make a French manicure more fancy.


I had a bit of bother with my nails on Sunday night/Monday morning.  I painted them a really pretty lemon yellow and added some nail decal stickers on /Sunday night, then when I woke up in the morning they were covered in imprints from my hair! The nail polish hadn't set properly in the hot weather so off it all came.  I had to go to work with naked nails!!!  Anyway, yesterday evening I redid my nails in a simple French manicure but I wanted to add something a bit different.  I used pink, turquoise and black stripers to add three small lines on my ring finger.  I then used a small dotting tool to add a row of dots in the same colours next to the stripes.  I then added a single dot on the rest of my nails, other than my thumb where I have a row of dots of the three colours again.

I hope this gives you an idea on how to tart up an ordinary manicure in a really simple way x
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