Monday, 29 July 2013

O.P.I Liquid Sand: Can't Let Go

Hello all,

I have a swatch this week of O.P.I Liquid Sand in 'Can't Let Go'.  I had a voucher for John Lewis for ages and found myself there at the weekend, so I decided to spend it on this gorgeous nail polish, making it only £1.50! Woo!

Anyway,  I was spoiled for choice at the O.P.I stand and did have to chuckle at the conversation between a flustered looking man and the sales woman whilst I was there -
Man - 'I have been looking for this for ages'
Sales woman - 'How can I help you'
Man - 'I've been told to get Liquid Sand in red'
Sales woman - 'Is this for someone else'
Man - 'Yes'
Sales woman - 'Well, it's just that none of the colours are called red'
Man - 'She just told me red'
Sales woman - 'This one is called Magazine Cover Mouse'
Man - 'Who names these things?? She just said red'
Sales woman - 'Did she want glitter, or just a colour'
Man - 'Red, that's all she said to me, Liquid Sand red... I'm going to call her'

I thought it was quite funny myself! Girls, if you send a boy out for polish, be warned, give more instructions that just 'red'!!

Anyway, here is Liquid Sand 'Can't Let Go'



Liquid Sand polishes are textured polishes and dry to a matte finish.  The first picture is without a top coat to show the matte effect finish.  It still looks fairly shiny in the picture, but that's more to do with the glitter it is actually matte.  When it says textured polish, it's not kidding, it really is like sand to the touch.  On the bottle it says not to add a top coat, but I always do to prolong my manicures and in this case it needed it to tone down the texture.  If you wanted to keep the matte effect you could use a matte top coat, but I like shine! I added two coats of Sally Hansen top coat and the texture is still very prominent on my nails.  I cant stop running my fingers over them.  You can see the final finish of my nails in the second picture with the purple background.  They are shinier, but still not as shiny as other manicures and you can still clearly see the texture of this polish.

I always find purple polishes difficult to photograph as they are different in every light.  The first picture was taken under a normal ceiling light and the second in a light cube with specific lighting.  I would say that the colour is somewhere between the two in natural light, it looks a little grey in the first picture and a little bright in the second.  The colour is fairly opaque.  I wouldn't suggest one coat of it as it looked a bit streaky (I have used two coats) and because it is a matte effect polish it dries very quickly which can make it tricky to get decent coverage in one coat.

I hope you found this useful / amusing! Let me know if you have tried any of the other Liquid Sand colours and how you found them in the comments; I'd love to take a look x

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  1. ooh I like the look of this!
    That convo with the man and sales assistant made me chuckle! typical Man! haha!


    1. Isn't it just typical bloke! I'm sure his girlfriend/wife told him more than red but he probably wasn't listening!

      It's a very funky nail polish though - they have quite a few colours as well. Some glitters, some just colour - worth a look x

  2. I was looking at this the other day! I'm glad you have done a swatch so I can see what it looks like, I might have to treat myself!

    Men hey! haha x

    1. I would recommned it, some of the other colours were really nice as well but I am a sucker for pinks and purples! :-)

      Typical bloke! x

    2. Is it difficult to remove compared to say the Barry M textured polishes (if you have them)? x

    3. I've not got any of the textured Barry M's, but I used my glitter removal technique to get it off. It would be a bit of a pain otherwise I think. Have a look on the tutorial page or here -

      Hope this helps x

  3. Poor men... They get confused in drugstores

    1. They shouldn't be left to shop on their own!


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