Monday, 24 February 2014

Polish Party: Chevrons

Hello all,

It's Polish Party time again and this month's theme is chevrons.  I have to say that this was not my favourite theme, as chevrons were not something that I had thought about doing before but I gave them a go.  I guess I wont like every theme that we vote on, but it's all about the challenge and trying new things!


I chose to use three different shade of purple from Models Own to create my gradient of chevrons.  I started with a base of Grape Juice from the Fruit Pastel collection, so my nails smell yummy.  Once that was dry I then painted my first chevron using Lilac Dream from the Ice Cream Sundae collection.  I created two lines in a point towards the tip of my nail.  Once this was dry I finished of my design with Pukka Purple from the Ice Neon collection.  It's really tricky to get a good picture of Pukka Purple, but this is pretty accurate!

Even though I am not a chevron fan I think these turned out ok.  Have you done chevron nails before, drop me a link so I can take a look! I always look forward to seeing what the other Polish Party girls come up with, make sure you check them out below 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Models Own: Southern Lights

Hi all,

As you may have seen I got lots of new polishes for Christmas and I still haven't been able to try them all yet, but I went with one from the Wonderland collection this week, Southern Lights.


I have had my eye on both Southern and Northern Lights for a while now, so I was very pleased my friend picked them for my present.

This is such a pretty colour and unfortunately I couldn't get a picture that would do it justice.  It is super super sparkly.  The polish is jam packed with loads of holographic glitter particles along with lilac glitter so give the shimmy effect.  When my nails catch the light it is just amazing!

 On first coat it was a bit patchy which I have to say I wasn't expecting, but with a second coat it's perfect.  This isn't the easiest glitter to use as it's quite thick, and I was worried at first that it wasn't going to dry, but I am very happy with the results.

I cannot wait to try out the rest of the Wonderland collection.  What's your favourite? Have you tried any of the Wonderland collection? 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Fake Tattoos Nail Tattoos* - Valentine's Day Nails

Hello all,

I was recently contacted by Fake Tattoos asking if I would like to review some of their nail tattoos and I of course said yes please!  They are a Swedish company working with guest designers to create unique body and nail tattoos.  I was sent their Ocean and Red designs.

* Press sample - sent to me for review


These are such cute little tattoos and really handy for adding a quick dash of nail art to your manicure.  I decided as it's almost Valentine's Day that I would create a Valentine's design using some of the tattoos from both sets I was sent.


I have used the little paper plane from the Ocean design and then kiss from the Red design to create my sealed with a kiss manicure.  First of all I started with a pink base of Revlon in Fuchsia Fever.  A bright pink which has to be a must for Valentine's Day!  After leaving that to dry it was time for my tattoos.  The instructions for applying are very straightforward and the application is fairly fuss free.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Models Own: HyperGel Review* - Vintage Roses

Hello all,

I was very excited to get three Models Own HyperGels in the post to try out.  I was even more excited that the three that I got were my favourites of the 10 colours available! I got Cerise Shine, Blue Glint and Red Lustre.  My original plan was to swatch them all, but I was having nail art withdrawals so decided for something in between.

* Press sample - sent to me for review


The HyperGel polish is amazing! Normally I use at least two coats of polish, but I have only used one here.  The coverage is so even and opaque you just don't need anything more.  And look how gorgeously shiny it is.  I was very pleased with the drying time, I was expecting it to take quite a while as it's gel effect, but it was dry surprisingly quickly ready for my nail art.

As you can see I have used Cerise Shine on three fingers and Blue Glint as a background for my accent nails on my finger finger and thumb.  Simply using the normal polish brush I dabbed on three Cerise Shine splodges and waited for those to dry.  To add petals to my roses I used Red Lustre for shade (you can just about see it in the picture).  I also needed a highlight so I chose to use Strawberry Tart from the Fruit Pastels collection.  To create the petals I used a really small nail art brush and painted on two 'c' shapes in slightly different sizes and ant different angles.  I started off with the shade and then went in again in the same way with the highlight.  Then to finish my roses off all they needed were some little leaves.  I used Apple Tart, again from the Fruit Pastel collection.  So not only do my nails shine like I have had gels, but they smell yummy too!

I am really pleased with this design.  I think it's simple enough that you can still see the beauty of the HyperGel polishes but it's also really pretty and girly.

I am loving seeing what everyone has bought in the Models Own sale recently over on Twitter! Glad to see I am not the only polish addict around - leave me your links so I can see what you got!
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