Monday, 10 February 2014

Fake Tattoos Nail Tattoos* - Valentine's Day Nails

Hello all,

I was recently contacted by Fake Tattoos asking if I would like to review some of their nail tattoos and I of course said yes please!  They are a Swedish company working with guest designers to create unique body and nail tattoos.  I was sent their Ocean and Red designs.

* Press sample - sent to me for review


These are such cute little tattoos and really handy for adding a quick dash of nail art to your manicure.  I decided as it's almost Valentine's Day that I would create a Valentine's design using some of the tattoos from both sets I was sent.


I have used the little paper plane from the Ocean design and then kiss from the Red design to create my sealed with a kiss manicure.  First of all I started with a pink base of Revlon in Fuchsia Fever.  A bright pink which has to be a must for Valentine's Day!  After leaving that to dry it was time for my tattoos.  The instructions for applying are very straightforward and the application is fairly fuss free.
  1. Start with clean dry nails
  2. Cut around the desired tattoo
  3. Peal away the plastic cover
  4. Press the tattoo on to the nail
  5. (and here is the slightly fiddly bit) Press a wet cotton wool pad on to the back of the nail tattoo until the paper slides away
  6. Wait for the tattoo to dry and then you can add top coat
Like I said step five can be a little fiddly, but I had a cotton wool pad in a little bowl of water.  I could easily get to it and the bowl caught any drips from the cotton wool whilst it was pressed to my nail.  Before I added a top coat I used my black Barry M nail art pen to create a dotted line for the path of the paper plane from the kiss.  It really makes it look as if the plane has been gliding across my nails.

I really like these tattoos for adding a bit of fun to a design and they are so quick to apply that you could spruce up a tired looking manicure in a matter of minutes!  These nail tattoos are available on the Fake Tattoos website and are priced between £4 and £6 depending on the design you choose.  The two I was sent contain two sheets of the designs which means overall I have 56 tattoo in the Red design and 62 in the Ocean design.  But it looks as though there is a sale on at the moment with most of the designs down to £3.80!

What do you think of these nail tattoos?  Have you tried them or anything similar? I'd love to see, so leave me a link in the comments!


  1. I just reviewed a pack of these today too! I like!


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