Monday, 29 April 2013

Purple Ombré Nail Art

Hello all,

Just a quick one for today.  I had a very busy weekend so didn't have chance to spend too much time on a design this week.  As you may have guessed from other posts I am rather keen on purple, so I decided to go with purple ombré nails.

Instead of creating ombré effect on every nail like I've tried before (you can see some here and here), I chose five different shades of purple and started with the darkest on my thumb nail and worked outwards getting lighter as I went.

From my thumb to my little finger I have Rimmel Black Cherries, Rimmel Trend Spotting, Rimmel Purple Pulse, Models Own Lilac Dream and Models Own Grape Juice.  As they were different brands of polish they all had slightly different finishes so I finished off with a coat of Collection 2000 (although now just called Collection - that's how old my bottle must be!) glitter top coat and a coat of Sally Hansen top coat for a super glossy finish.
I love how the colours all work individually and together to create the effect I was going for.  I have seen this ombré design in a few different places and it was the perfect opportunity to give it a go this week.  This ombré style is a bit of a throw back from when I was younger and I would paint my toe nails in alternating shades of the same colour!
In other very exciting news Look Magazine contacted me and said that they would like to feature my nails in the magazine, so I am very excited and am looking forward to the issue out in the middle of May.  I'll be going down to the shops to get a copy or two!
Have you had a go at anything recently that has reminded you of when you were younger?  Or have you tried something that you have seen around and thought you should have a go at, but not got round too yet?  Leave a comment and let me know x

Monday, 22 April 2013

Glam Animal Print Nail Art

Hello all,

I didn't post last week because I didn't do anything fancy with my nails.  I just did a simple French manicure with a glitter accent nail.

On Saturday I got distracted by all things shiny and bought myself three new glitters, well I didn't really even buy them, they were on offer and I had a voucher so it was even better!


I have had my eye on Models Own Jack Frost (Centre) for a little while now because, well look at it, it's just so pretty! Ive also been thinking about Bora Bora from the Hed Kandi collection (right) and you can't go wrong with a pretty gold glitter!  My boyfriend spotted the other polish, so it's his fault, not mine!! It's from Miss Sporty but it doesn't seem to have a name, sorry! **Edit - It's called Amethyst Dust**

I normally paint my nails on a Sunday ready for the week, so I got all my bits together and started on a design that I had had in mind for a while now.  I had nearly finished, but I just wasn't happy, so ended up taking it all off and doing something different instead!

So as an alternative design I thought I would try out one of my new glitters seeing as they were there in my nail bag glistening away.  I have had a go at tiger stripes before and thought they were really fun, but I had never tried leopard spots.  I know that lots of other people have done them and thought it was about time for me to have a go, so I combined the two!


I used Models Own Bora Bora as a base and Barry M Mushroom for the leopard spots.  All the black was done with my Models Own Nail Art Pen.  The stripes are really easy to do, just use a striper and flick the brush towards of the centre of the nails.  For the leopard spots I dotted on the Mushroom with the larger end of my dotting tool.  Once this was dry I added a bracket of black around the spots with the smaller end and added on a few smaller black spots of good measure.

I am really pleased with how my glam animal print nails worked out!  I love the fine gold glitter contrasted with the bold spots and stripes.  How do you think I did for my first go at leopard spots?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Look What I'm Wearing - Street Style Nails

Hi all,

Just a very quick post to share my excitement that some of my nails have made it to the Look Magazine, Look What I'm Wearing - Street Style Nails, website!

Three of my designs made it, my Strawberry Tart Easter Bunny, my Easter Chick, and my Double Dot Dotticure

If you want to take a look at my nails on the Look website then please follow the links below. 

Strawberry Tart Easter Bunny -
Easter Chick -
Double Dot Dotticure -

Have you uploaded any looks there? Let me know and I will go and take a look and 'like' them so they make their way up the most popular looks on there x

Pinkglow's Pretty Polish on Look

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello all,

I have been tagged with another blog award by Jenni over at Jenni My Style - thanks x

Firstly, here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you. Include a link to their blog
2. Select 15 bloggers you follow regularly (I may bend this rule slightly... oooops, naughty me!)
3. Nominate these bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and tell them that they have been nominated
4. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

So here we go... I am going to try and do this as 7 things about myself, but related to my blogging / social media

1. I have visited the Models Own Bottleshop and used Models Own polishes so much recently that one of the girls at the shop now recognises me
2. I have posted more on my blog in the last few weeks than before as I have had a few different things that I have been meaning to add, and also I have had a bit more time
3.  I have had to correct some of the things that I posted in the last few weeks on my blog and Facebook page as I have made spelling mistakes - duuuh!! Silly me! I need to check things more carefully
4. I have found some new blogs recently that I am enjoying reading
5. Since joining Bloglovin I have been able to keep up with my blog reading much more easily.  It's been a godsend when I have been delayed on the tube recently, which has been far too often!
6. I plan on adding a section on my blog with a list of my stash of nail polishes - I have had requests from a friend who bought me nail stuff for Christmas, but was worried that she had bought something I already had! (She didn't, and the polishes she bought me was actually the other half of the Ice Cream Sundae Collection from Models Own - so now I have the whole set!)
7. I have been thinking about doing a post about how I store all my nail stuff as it seems to be expanding - What do you think? Would you be interested to see?

So on to the nominating! I am going to bend the rules a bit and pick 7 as this goes along with the 7 things about me, but also allows me to choose more easily -

The JacquieLine Studio
Girl in Green
Lusts, Loves & Must Haves
Ashley London
Ellie Etc
Fundamentally Falwless
Perfect Ten Nails

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish


Has this ever happened to you when you try and remove your glittery nail polish?


I'm guessing the answer is yes!  It's a pain right?  Takes forever to remove?  Uses so many cotton wool pads you lose count?  Well, I have seen a lot of people say that they struggle with removing glittery nail polish and I felt their pain... until I saw a tip on Pinterest.  I've just had a look on my boards and I don't seem to have the pin where I saw this tip.  I think I must have been so keen to try it that I just didn't pin... sorry!

Anyway, I have put together my own step by step of the method to help all you other glitter polish lovers out there!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Models Own: Pukka Purple

Hi all,

This week I decided to go neon with my nails! I have had lots of pastels on recently for Easter and spring, but I felt the need for something bright this week for a change.

I did a post a few weeks ago about Models Own Ice Neon Collection (you can see it here) and I don't really have anything extra to add about Pukka Purple that I didn't already say about Pink Punch.

 With the Pink Punch, I recommended two coats, but with this gorgeous Pukka Purple I have only done one coat.  The formula is so good that there aren't any streaks and I didn't feel the need for a second coat.  The colour is very difficult to photograph as it tends to come out blue in pictures, but I managed to get it in the end!
As you can see I have finished this off with a simple gold stripe down the middle of each nail and a top coat.  The Ice Neons dry with a matte effect finish, but as I said before, I like a bit of shine!
The gold striper is from Primark and I am actually very impressed with it.  Primark are selling two nail art pens for £2 and 3D nail art kits for £2.50.  The nail art pens are stripers and pens in one, so you can either use the thin brush for lines like mine, or if you pull the top of the cap off there is a pen nib that you can use for dots or smaller details.  At the bottom of the striper/pen, there is a clear compartment that screws on with nail gems in a co-ordinating colour to use along with the striper if you want to.  I wasn't expecting something as good for the money, and for a simple stripe down my nails what's not to like! It's gold, it's shiny, it's a stripe! What more can you ask for?
Let me know your thoughts on the Ice Neon collection; if you've tried it, if you keep yours in the fridge like Models Own suggest (I don't), if you can't get enough of the bright colours x

Monday, 1 April 2013

Fruit Pastel Double Dot Dotticure

Hello all,

The last time I did a full dotticure it proved to be very popular and is still the most popular post on my blog, you can see it here if you want.

I thought I would go for another dotticure for spring using Models Own Fruit Pastels.  These colours are perfect for spring, and they smell delicious! Each one has a fruity scent that compliments their colour.


I have done this double dot dotticure using Grape Juice, Strawberry Tart and Apple Pie.  It's a very simple look to achieve.

Start with your base colour, I couldn't choose which one I wanted to use, so I used all three colours that I have from the collection.  Once the base colour is dry (I always use two coats) add some white dots at the edge of your nails using a dotting tool.  If you don't have a dotting tool you can always use the end of a tooth pick for small dots or a cotton bud for quite large dots.

Leave the white dots to dry and then to create the double dot look use the same colour as your base in smaller dots over the white ones you have just created.  To finish off the look I added some more small white dots to fill in some of the gaps and add a bit more of another colour into my design.

I haven't found a Models Own colour yet that doesn't give a good coverage and the Fruit Pastel is no exception.  They are very creamy pastel colours.  As I said earlier the colours all have a smell to compliment their colours.  Grape Juice is the least scented of the three that I have, but has a pleasant grape smell.  Strawberry Tart smells a little like strawberry sweets and apple pie smells almost like an apple body wash.  Using them all together my nails smell like sherbet.

I hope you like my design and give it a go yourself x
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