Monday, 1 April 2013

Fruit Pastel Double Dot Dotticure

Hello all,

The last time I did a full dotticure it proved to be very popular and is still the most popular post on my blog, you can see it here if you want.

I thought I would go for another dotticure for spring using Models Own Fruit Pastels.  These colours are perfect for spring, and they smell delicious! Each one has a fruity scent that compliments their colour.


I have done this double dot dotticure using Grape Juice, Strawberry Tart and Apple Pie.  It's a very simple look to achieve.

Start with your base colour, I couldn't choose which one I wanted to use, so I used all three colours that I have from the collection.  Once the base colour is dry (I always use two coats) add some white dots at the edge of your nails using a dotting tool.  If you don't have a dotting tool you can always use the end of a tooth pick for small dots or a cotton bud for quite large dots.

Leave the white dots to dry and then to create the double dot look use the same colour as your base in smaller dots over the white ones you have just created.  To finish off the look I added some more small white dots to fill in some of the gaps and add a bit more of another colour into my design.

I haven't found a Models Own colour yet that doesn't give a good coverage and the Fruit Pastel is no exception.  They are very creamy pastel colours.  As I said earlier the colours all have a smell to compliment their colours.  Grape Juice is the least scented of the three that I have, but has a pleasant grape smell.  Strawberry Tart smells a little like strawberry sweets and apple pie smells almost like an apple body wash.  Using them all together my nails smell like sherbet.

I hope you like my design and give it a go yourself x


  1. hello. thank you for the comment on my blog AshlyLondon. I wanted to pop over and say hi. Your tutorials are really easy to follow by the looks of things I will have to try one out :-) xxx

    1. No problems Ashly - glad you like the tutorials! I find them really fun to do! I have some ideas brewing for new designs so check back soon if you want for more ideas :-) x

  2. Cute dotticure! Haven't seen one like this before where you fill in the dots too, really like this!

    1. Thanks Madison! I loved how well they worked out in the end... and this design gave me an idea for another nail art design for the future! Thanks for following me :-)


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