Monday, 22 April 2013

Glam Animal Print Nail Art

Hello all,

I didn't post last week because I didn't do anything fancy with my nails.  I just did a simple French manicure with a glitter accent nail.

On Saturday I got distracted by all things shiny and bought myself three new glitters, well I didn't really even buy them, they were on offer and I had a voucher so it was even better!


I have had my eye on Models Own Jack Frost (Centre) for a little while now because, well look at it, it's just so pretty! Ive also been thinking about Bora Bora from the Hed Kandi collection (right) and you can't go wrong with a pretty gold glitter!  My boyfriend spotted the other polish, so it's his fault, not mine!! It's from Miss Sporty but it doesn't seem to have a name, sorry! **Edit - It's called Amethyst Dust**

I normally paint my nails on a Sunday ready for the week, so I got all my bits together and started on a design that I had had in mind for a while now.  I had nearly finished, but I just wasn't happy, so ended up taking it all off and doing something different instead!

So as an alternative design I thought I would try out one of my new glitters seeing as they were there in my nail bag glistening away.  I have had a go at tiger stripes before and thought they were really fun, but I had never tried leopard spots.  I know that lots of other people have done them and thought it was about time for me to have a go, so I combined the two!


I used Models Own Bora Bora as a base and Barry M Mushroom for the leopard spots.  All the black was done with my Models Own Nail Art Pen.  The stripes are really easy to do, just use a striper and flick the brush towards of the centre of the nails.  For the leopard spots I dotted on the Mushroom with the larger end of my dotting tool.  Once this was dry I added a bracket of black around the spots with the smaller end and added on a few smaller black spots of good measure.

I am really pleased with how my glam animal print nails worked out!  I love the fine gold glitter contrasted with the bold spots and stripes.  How do you think I did for my first go at leopard spots?


  1. I love these! The leopard spots are great! :) i like doing leopard print on my nails :) I tried tiger stripes on my nails once... It did not turn out well! Lol yours are brilliant! :)


    1. Thanks Rachel! I love how they turned out. I was never sure about doing leopard spots, but I am so glad I went for it! x

  2. Great job, they look wonderful!



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