Monday, 18 March 2013

Strawberry Tart Easter Bunny with Tutorial

Hi all,

I have done the first of my Easter designs this week.  Cute pink Easter bunnies!

I used Models Own Strawberry Tart from the Fruit Pastel collection to create my pink Easter bunny.  This way, not only is it cute, it also smells yummy.  The Fruit Pastel collection all have lovely smells to match their pastel colours.  I started off with a coat of Essie Nourish me and then a base coat.  The base colour for my design is Eggshell from M&S.
My Easter bunny was very easy to create, I simply painted a small circle on the tip of my nail and two thin lines up from the circle with rounded edges.  After this had dried I used a bright pink nail art pen from Sally Hansen to create the nose and the insides of the ears.  Then for the eyes I used a black Models Own striper, which has a very handy pen dotting feature.  I added two dots for the eyes and used the striper end to create the whiskers.  Tah dah! You have a cute pink Easter bunny who smells like strawberries.
You could repeat the bunny on each nail if you wanted, but I chose to do a simple dotticure.  Carrying on the theme from my bunny I used Strawberry Tart to create the largest dots, a white polish for the medium sized dots and my bright pink nail art pen for the small dots.  I added the dots randomly down one side of my nail and onto the tip.

I have another Easter design next week.  Perhaps you might mix and match the two x


  1. Aww how cute! x

    1. Thanks Jenni Jen :) I am going to be doing a step by step for it soon as well


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