Monday, 16 July 2012

Industrial Silver Sparkle Nails with Tutorial

Silver Sparkle Nails

I thought I would do my nails to match the British summer sky - Steel grey and rainy! I think they have an industrial feel to them as well.  I really like the effect though and thought that you might like to learn step by step how to create this look.

What I used to create this design:
- Make up sponge wedge
- Base coat and top coat
- Barry M nail varnish in Grey
- E.L.F nail varnish in Pearl
- Models Own nail vanish in Sterling Silver
- Cotton buds
- Nail vanish remover


Step one:

Apply a base coat to protect your nails from staining.  Then apply a coat of grey nail varnish and wait for it to dry.  Some of the Bary M nail varnishes are quite opaque so you might only need one coat.  It's up to you of course.  I applied one coat.


Step two:

Take a pearl or white varnish and drip some onto some scrap paper or similar.  Then using the corner of the make up sponge wedge dab it in the varnish and then over the tip of your nail about half way up.  The E.L.F nail vanishes come in lots of different colours and the pearl works really well here as it lets the base colour show through. Repeat this over all your nails and again leave it to dry.


Step three:

Repeat step two but this time using a silver glitter polish, only sponging onto the tip of the nail.  Models Own glitters are lovely and are fairly opaque so work well for this design.  Then dab off the sponge onto the paper, so barely any varnish remains.  Dab lightly over the remaining grey to create a very subtle small sparkle.

Once this is dry apply a top coat to protect your design and clean up any varnish from around your nails using a cotton bud and some nail varnish remover.


I hope you enjoyed this step by step guide and have a go at creating this look yourself!

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