Monday, 12 November 2012

Tiffany & Co Nails

A while ago now I did a different Tiffany & Co. nail design that I have included in this post.  I had seen it on Pinterest and loved it so thought I'd give it a go.  For my first go at this design I used Orly Gumdrop as this was a pretty close match in colour, because living in the UK we don't have China Glaze (I had read up on dupes of China Glaze For Audrey).

My mum went to America and I asked her to bring me back a For Audrey so that I could have another go again at the design with the perfect colour!  I didn't want to do exactly the same again for the design this time round so I decided to go with an accent finger painted in silver, the rest of my nails in For Audrey with silver tips. My thinking being that hopefully whatever might be in the Tiffany box/bag would be a lovely shiny silver.

I hope you like my Tiffany & Co. design

Here are my Tiffany nails the first time that I did them (Sorry that the photo isn't great - it's from my phone)

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