Monday, 30 September 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Nail Art

Hello all,

Did you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and Breast Cancer Care would like to raise as much awareness, help and support for those affected by it.

Over on Twitter @JosephineJakobs asked if anyone would like to get involved to help spread awareness by creating fabulous pink manicures to show our support and share them all to help promote the cause.

So here are my pink nails.  As you can see I have gone all out pink on pink to show my support.


I used Models Own polishes to create my nails, using Pink Fever as a base for all my nails other than my ring finger where I have used Pastel Pink. 

On my thumb I used a fan brush dipped into Patel Pink and gently brushed it over the nail to create stripes.  I then did the same again, but using Pink Fever to create the marbled stripe effect. 

Moving on to my index finger I have done a reverse glitter gradient using Magenta Devine and Hot Stuff.  I have done this look before and really loved it, although here I let Hot Stuff take over a bit more in comparison to my previous manicure as it's such a sparkly glitter and I really wanted to make an impact with the pink. 

On my middle finger I have again recreated a dotty design that I've done before in monochrome colours, this in fact remains my most popular post.  Here I have used Pastel Pink and Strawberry Tart. 

On my ringer finger I used Pastel Pink for my base, as I said above.  I then hand painted a Breast Cancer Ribbon on using Pink Fever.  These were a bit tricky to paint, especially on my right hand (or Cinderella hand - have other people seen this used before, as in, the one that does all the work, but never really gets noticed?), but I got them to look ok in the end.  I added a little pink gem in the middle of the ribbon.

Then on my little finger I have just painted a block coat of Magenta Devine.

I really hope my nails get spotted by people and that they make people think about Breast Cancer and perhaps even donate to such a fabulous cause.  I found something perfect for you nail junkies out there to get if you wanted to make a donation.  How about these cute mini nail files for just £2? I hope you like my awareness design and I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with x


  1. this is a great way to show the support.I like the pinks used for this mani :) great post! new follower here :)

    1. Thanks Dawny! I was really pleased with how this turned out! I wasn't sure if my idea would transfer from my plans to nails but I'm happy


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