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OMG Nail Strips Review*

Before Christmas I was asked if I wanted to review some nail strips from OMG Nails Strips.  I took up the opportunity as I'd never tried out any full nail wraps before so thought it would be a good opportunity to test them to see what they were like.


*Press sample - sent to me for review 
I'd always been a bit wary of trying nail wraps in case I made a mess of them, but I was intrigued by these as OMG said that their strips don't dry out or tear like other wraps that require water, and they they stretch.  I have tried water decals before and they can be very fiddly and can fold over on themselves, so something that didn't require any of that fuss sounded good.

OMG Nail Strips are an American company but they offer free worldwide shipping which is brilliant so I chose Pink Kisses and Black Lace to review.

What you get
You get 14 different sized strips, so not enough for two full manicures, but you can do one full set and then have a few left over for accent nails in other designs.  The stickers are backed on a thin card with a clear plastic protective shield over the top.  Under each individual sticker the size is written in mm to give you an idea of which one you might need for each nail, but you can easily trim the edges if needed.


You don't have to do anything to prep your nails, other than clean and dry your hands and push back your cuticles.  I also added a base coat before I started.  You don't need a base colour because the strips are completely opaque.

You start by separating the stickers that you need and trimming the edges a little if needed.  Peel off the protective plastic and then you can peel the sticker away from the card backing.  Next you place the round edge of the sticker by your cuticle and smooth out the sticker across the nail.  As you can see from the picture the strips are much longer than my own nails, but all I had to do was trim the ends and file them to fit.

Overall the application was very quick, and easy.  If you make a mistake you can stretch the strips to where they need to be, or in the worst case you can peel the sticker carefully away from the nail and reposition it.  As you can see from the pictures below I got a few wrinkles on a couple of nails, but with more practice it becomes easier and this is made easier because the strips are so durable.

When I had finished applying the strips I added a top coat for protection.  OMG state that the strips will last up to ten days with no chipping or wear.



The strips are really bright and vibrant and the designs are very detailed.  They are very reasonably priced at $7.99 with the free international shipping and there are lots of different, fun designs to choose from.  The application is very easy and fairly fuss free.  I'm not able to tell you if they last the 10 days as I removed them before that point, but from the application and removal I wouldn't think there would be any reason why they wouldn't, especially if you add a top coat.  I personally would use these as more of an accent nail feature in a design as they felt a little strange over all of my nails, but that's more of a personal choice.

I don't think I did too badly for my first time at applying nail wraps, so I feel more confident at trying other new things.  What do you recommend?

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  1. Very nice! Pink Kisses would be great for Valentines :)

    1. I thought so! They are fun, there are other really fun designs available as well!


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