Thursday, 27 October 2016

Loving Barry M

I know I said two months ago that I was back from a blogging break, but for some reason I just didn't seem to get back to it properly.  So here goes again...

I've really been loving Barry M recently.  I always have loved their polishes, and you can't go wrong with such a decent price and with the fact that they are cruelty free.  I've found myself heading to my Barry drawer, and even buying a few new ones to add to my collection.

Starting with the most glittery one first, this is Fashion Icon.


This beauty is a new addition to my collection.  I was out shopping, just having a look around and this was just glittering away on the shelf.  I just couldn't leave it behind.  I already had Socialite from the Glitterati collection and loved it so figured that I couldn't go far wrong with another glitter from the same collection.  Also I do love a bit of sparkle and you'll often find it on my nails!  


Another new addition was Blackcurrant from the Gelly Hi Shine collection.  I love darker colours, and miss them during spring and summer when I feel like I should be using pastels and neons.  I paired this gorgeous purply black with some silver stamping.  I am very in to stamping at the moment as it's a quick way to add a little something extra to a plain nail colour.  This stamp is from Uber Chic Beauty Plate 3-03.


This is my latest Barry M manicure, and having just said that I prefer darker colours in Autumn, this is clearly the total opposite.  These were inspired by a pin on Pinterest. I showed them to my mum and we thought that they'd be great for Christmas, so I tried out some different combinations to see what we might try when the festive season comes around.

I put some Barry M designs in my last post as well, but I didn't talk too much about them, so I thought I'd add in a few to this post as well.

These are a few of my favourite nails that I have done with Barry M colours, and whoops, all of them feature new colours to my collection!  I really loved the idea of the Lolly Gloss polishes as you can create some really interesting looks with them if you don't want a solid opaque colour.  I do think it's a shame that they are limited edition, although I understand that not everyone will like them.  My summer flower dotticure was a take on a dotticure I had done some time before.  I used all the same colours before, other than the base, which is Cream Soda.  I made the dots into fun flowers rather than repeat the same look exactly as before.  I love the Molten Metal collection and can really see myself using these more over the Christmas period.

I wonder what will be the next addition from Barry M to my collection?  Got any recommendations for me?

 I have been trying to work out what direction I'd like my blog to go in because I started it as a hobby and I want to make sure that it stays fun, otherwise whats the point if it's just going to become a chore?  I said earlier that I sometimes feel like there's a expectation to wear pastels and neons for particular seasons, but I think this is going to be something that I am going to be changing.  If I feel like wearing a dark colour I'm going to go ahead and do it regardless!  I'm also not going to pressure myself into writing a blog post about every nail design or swatch I do, which is why I have tried this kind of post.  I looked at what I had done recently and a whole post of Barry M seemed fitting, so I think I will be doing more things like this in the future, where posts will have a theme, which therefore means I won't be posting on a particular schedule, just when I feel like it.  I will continue to post my nails weekly on Instagram, so people can still keep up with me each week.

I'd love to hear what you think so leave me a comment if you've got any feedback.

Thanks for stopping by

Aimée x

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