Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art

Happy Christmas everyone!

I couldn't decided what design to do for the big day itself so I did a bit of everything!

As you can see I have a penguin, Santa Claus' suit, a Christmas tree, a snowman and a snowflake.

All of these are very easy to do -

  • Paint your nail black
  • When this has dried paint a white circle at the tip of your nail
  • Add two small dots for eyes
  • Wait for this to dry, then add two smaller dots of black to complete the eyes
  • Then using an orange polish add a little triangle under the eyes and on the very tip of the white circle - these will be the penguins beak and flippers

Santa's Suit
  • Paint your nail red
  • Wait for this to dry and the add a white French tip and stripe down the centre of the nail
  • Then add on a black stripe across the nail for this belt
  • Using a gold polish create a square for his buckle

Christmas Tree
  • Paint a green triangle on your nail
  • When this is dry use a dotting tool to add a yellow dot at the top for the star at the top
  • For the decorations and lights use a chunky glitter polish

  • Paint two white circles one of top of the other, making the top one slightly smaller
  • When this is dry, using a dotting tool, add on two small black dots on the top circle for eyes and three dots down the bigger circle for buttons
  • Using a thin brush or red striper add on a scarf
  • Using an orange polish add on a very small line for the snowman's carrot nose

  • Paint your nail blue
  • When this has dried using silver polish and a thin brush, paint a cross on your nail.  Add small 'v' shapes at the end of the cross lines, then from the middle of the cross add a smaller line coming out from the centre towards the edges of the nail

I hope you like the designs and try them out.

Happy Christmas and see you in 2013 x

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