Monday, 14 October 2013

Barry M: Chameleon Pink with Nail Foil

Hello all,

So... I had a bit of a disaster with my nails this week.  I got Chameleon Pink from Barry M and completely misunderstood the effect.  I painted this lovely pink on and left it to dry.  Then I painted on my normal top coat admiring how, when it was cold with the top coat it changed to a pretty purple.  As my top coat was drying, I spent ages watching my nails as they warmed up to see the two tone colour.  Only after a while with no changes did I look properly at the bottle and realise that it changed colour with the top coat and not with heat! So there went my idea of two tone nails changing from hot to cold! Silly me! What you're actually meant to do is paint on a design with your top coat and those are the bits that change.  So having full purple nails now I had a think about what to do and decided to use some nail foil.


I chose this pretty lacy design which I think worked really well over the purple.  I have had my nail foils for about a decade so I was very impressed to find that my foil adhesive hadn't dried up.  I have found the same pattern in this foil in a different colour here.  I really like this effect so I think I'll have to do some more foil nails soon with my other designs.

Who else has tried nail foils? Leave me a link so I can take a look x   


  1. I love foils! I've tried most of the ones from Roo Beauty: - I love the holographic rainbow one - give it a try! :)

    1. Oooh, those foils are all really pretty! Might have to give them a go! The rainbow one looks amazing! X


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