Monday, 21 October 2013

Rimmel Space Dust: Total Eclipse

Hello all,

I had to do a mid week nail paint last week, which I don't normally do, but I had used nail foil and unfortunately even with a top coat on it doesn't last long.

I has spotted Rimmel Space Dust polishes in Boots when I was in there looking for some other bits and had already mentally made a note to put them on my Christmas list because I love anything glittery!  Anyway, I need one less now as my mum happened to buy me one - Aren't mums the best!


This is Space Dust in Total Eclipse.  Its a pretty green textured polish with different sized and shaped glitter particles.  It has a duochrome effect, because in some lights it's really green and then in other lights you can see purple flecks.  When textured polished first started coming out I wasn't sure about them to be honest as I love to go for a smooth shiny finish, but they have really grown on me with the ones that I've tried now.  I really like the texture of the Space Dust as it's not too bitty, but still has the same effect.  I have added a top coat over the colour as I like a nice shine, but it didn't take away from the texture at all.  Now you're probably thinking that it's all very well that it's a pretty colour and a nice texture, but that it will be a pain to take off... well it's not! Woo!! I thought I was going to be scrubbing away for ages with cotton wool (I have run out of foil to use that method!), but I was pleasantly surprised and it was off in a flash.

Overall I would say that so far that this is my favourite textured polish and I look forward to trying the other colours in the collection.  Have you tried any? I'd love to see them if you have, leave me a link so I can take a sneaky look x


  1. oooh I love the look of this! :)


    1. They are all pretty in this range - I would imagine I will be getting others :-)

      If you like textured, but no too textured I'd recommend it x

  2. I saw these in Boots and was very tempted! The only thing that stopped me was it being a glitter/textured polish. I've been getting a bit fed up of them lately because they're so hard to remove but if this one isn't too bad then I might be tempted again! x

    1. I was surprised how easily it came off. I'd got out lots of cotton wool pads thinking I was going to need loads but only used three and that was only becuase it was a dark colour I think. I have got Moon Walking now as well! I'd get them if I were you! I plan to get the others too! :-) x


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