Monday, 11 November 2013

Barry M: Matte Dots

Hi all,

I have a first on my blog today... matte nails.  I haven't ever left any nails with a matte effect before, but since I won the whole of the autumn/winter collection from Barry M which included their matte collection in coffee shop colours.


I decided to use Caramel and Brown Mocha first.  On my thumb, index and middle finger I have Brown Mocha as a base and then Carmel on my ring finger and little finger.  I have then added some simple dots in various sizes along the sides of my nails in the opposite colours.  I found that the colours were a little patchy on the first coat, but on adding a second coat it's perfect.  To keep the matte look I went out on a search for a matte top coat and decided on Bourjois So Matt which did just the trick.

As this is the first time I have had matte nails they have taken a bit of getting use to.  When I finished them they almost didn't looked finished!  I do like the effect though and it's growing on me.  I think what has helped that these are the first truly matte effect finished polishes that I have tried, despite others claiming to be matte.

I'd love to see what other looks people have come up with with the Barry M matte polishes - leave me a link so I can take a look x


  1. Love this, so simple yet so pretty. The colours are lush x

    1. Thanks! They remind me of bubbly chocolate x

  2. That's so pretty! And matte suits it - it wouldn't work quite the same if it was glossy.


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