Monday, 6 January 2014

Morgan Taylor: J'adore My Mani

Hello all,

After doing a post last week about all the goodies that I got for Christmas I couldn't wait any longer to use one of them.

I went for Morgan Taylor J'adore My Mani and isn't it just lovely!?

My boyfriend got me this one from Sally's in London which has load of exciting nail polishes that your normally can't get in the UK.

It's such a super sparkly pink and I am glad a picked this one to use first.  It's a really bright pink and just dazzles when it catches the light.  I have used two coats here.  After the first coat the base pink that the glitter sits in was quite sheer and I wanted full coverage of glitter.  If you wanted to use it over another pink or purple polish, one coat would be lovely.  What I hadn't noticed when looking at it in the bottle was that it has tiny bits of purple glitter in it as well which really adds to the depth in the colour and the sparkle overall.

When dry it's quite grainy, but adding a top coat really smooths it out.  I always use Sally Hanssen Inst-Dri as it really does speed up the drying process and add a really hi gloss finish.  The only other thing I would say about it is that the brush is quite wide so for little finger nails it makes quite a mess and with it being a glitter this makes the clean up a bit more tricky!

Who else has tried Morgan Taylor polishes? I'd love to see what some of the other colours look like, why not leave me a link below?


  1. i love the colour of this, and it's so glittery as well! <3

    1. It really does sparkle all the time! And the colour is amazing! It's described as purple on their website but it's much more pink! Similar to Models Own Magenta Devine which I also love!


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