Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What I got for Christmas - Loads of Nail Goodies!

Hello all and Happy New Year,

I always love seeing haul / stash posts and having a good old nosey at what people have, so I thought I would share all the nail goodies I got for Christmas with you...

I was a very lucky girl and got 21 new polishes and lots of other bits as you can see.  This is quite a picture heavy post, but I wanted to show things in more details so keep on scrolling if you want to have a closer look!


Lets dive in shall we...



These were from my parents.  This cute lacy bag is the perfect size for nail essentials as it's very wide so can carry quite a few things.  I will be using this for my nail files, base coat, top coat etc.  I then also got an interchangeable nail art brush set.  This came from America.  All you have to do is slide a section of the handle down to release the brush and then pop a different brush on top, securing it in place by sliding the ring back up again.  It has two different handles, but all the brush heads fit on both.  There are six different brush heads which range in size! Perfect!  I also got this Pretty nail polish in purple.  It describes itself as a scatter effect polish, but I would think you could also call it a sandwich effect.


Next up are the polishes that I got from my boyfriend.  He says he got quite a few funny looks choosing these!


First of all, I got a super sparkly purple nail file.  It's fairly course grain so will be great for filing down length.  The little piggy is not actually a nail related present, it's a lip balm, but he's just too cute not to add in (pigs are my favourite!).  And I got an OPI polish in Black Cherry Chutney.  It's such a gorgeous deep purple and will probably become a quick favourite for toes!


Next up are these three beauties from Nina Ultra Pro.  From left to right I got Holographic Topcoat which is packed with loads of gold glitter in different sizes, Royal Purple which looks like it has a really pretty metallic shimmer and Boys 'n' Berries which is a purple glitter with lots of different sized particles.


I also got these Morgan Taylor polishes.  Again from left to right I got J'adore My Mani which is a solid pink glitter, Bright Side which, as the name suggests, is a bright purple, and Who's That Girl which is a dusky pinky / purple solid glitter. My boyfriend was told that these ones had only just come out!

Next it was on to my present from one of my best friends.  Imagine how excited I was to open my present and find a large Models Own box inside!



First of all, how cute is Models Own's tissue paper?  And look! Two sets of polishes!!


The first one I opened was the Firework collection.  From left to right they are, Rocket, Banger, Roman Candle, Catherine Wheel and Sparkler.


The second one was the Wonderland collection. From left to right they are, Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Blizzard, Jack Frost and Snowflakes.


Along with all those polishes I also got some of Models Own Artstix Nail Beads in Gold.  And their 5 in 1 top and base coat.

Last but not least I joined in with a Secret Santa swap on Twitter with some of the amazing nail girls on there.  The whole this was organised by Rachel from The Imperfect 10 and she did an amazing job getting everyone's information, organising who was sending to who etc.  Thank you Rachel!  You can see the whole contents of my box over on my Twitter account.  I don't have the whole thing here as some of it kindda got a bit eaten before I could photograph it (There were some yummy chocolate coins and caramel filled chocolate presents with the nail goodies - yum!).  You can see them in the first picture, but I started munching after that!

My box was wrapped so beautifully and I was super impressed that the card that came with it matched the wrapping paper!  The box gave me a clue as to who my Secret Santa was, and I guess right.  Thank you Lauren of The Naily Mail for my lovely presents.


First of all I got some pretty Avon glitters in white and black.  I am very excited to try them in a manicure.  I also got a Studio London glass nail file with a cute protective case.  Glass nail files are lovely, so I am very pleased to be able to add this to my nail collection.


The polishes I got are from Sinful Colors and from left to right are Cinderella, Fig and Love Nails.  They are all such pretty colours and perfect to expand on my stash of this brand and they seem to have disappeared from my local shops!

Thank you to everyone who got me lovely presents.  The only problem I will have now is picking which ones to use first!  Did you get any nail treats for Christmas? I'd love to see... leave me a link so I can take a look


  1. That's a lot of nail varnishes! You'll be all sorted for nail colours for a few weeks :)

    1. I will! The first job will be to decide which one to use first!

  2. Wow these are all awesome! Especially jealous of your Models Own Haul - the Wonderland collection looks gorgeous! And those Sinful Colors are all lush too - I have Cinderella and it's beautiful :-) x

    1. I was very lucky to get so many Models Own! I'm excited to try them all x

  3. I'm glad you liked your Secret Santa presents! A few months ago I remember you and a few others saying that you couldn't find Sinful Colours in any local shops so I decided to get you some :) Cinderella is lovely x

    1. Oh yes! I love it all! The colours are amazing! I can't wait to use them! Thank you soooooo much! It was so much fun to take part in the secret Santa as well! So fun to see what everyone got and I think there was a huge range of different things that people found to include in the parcels x


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