Monday, 29 September 2014

Models Own: Pear Purple and Stamping

Hi all,

One of my favourite colours is purple, and I love purple nails.  So it was only natural that I would be getting Models Own Pear Purple from their new Diamond Luxe collection.  I had a simple swatch of Oval Plum last week, and you can see how pretty this collection is with the real diamond dust shimmering away through the polish.

Rather than another simple swatch I decided to go for a bit of stamping and extra glitter.  If you read my blog regularly you know how much I love a bit of glitter!


I used two coats of Pear Purple as my base colour.  I think two works best as I found it a little patchy in places with just one.  I then selected Pukka Purple and Ibiza Mix to compliment my base for the rest of my design.  Pukka Purple was the perfect choice for stamping.  It's bold enough that it stands out from the base, but it meant I didn't have to introduce another colour into my manicure. 

To add an extra bit of dazzle Ibiza Mix is the perfect glitter.  It's jam packed with lots of different glitter flecks in different sizes and complimenting colours.  It's one of those glitters that you can add to anything .

I won one of MoYou's trivia quizzes a few weeks back and I got to choose my prize from the Greek Mythology collection.  I chose plate 09 featuring god of love Eros.


I had a few plates from MoYou before I won this one, but I had always gone for plates that had individual images, rather than a full plate image.  I really loved this one though and could see how I would be able to use different elements and come up with lots of different designs.  This is the best stamping that I have done to date; I managed to get everything stamped just where I wanted it with no missing patches or wonky lines.


I am totally in love with this design and I especially love the stamping on my ring finger.  Which one is your favourite?  I'd love to see what other people have come up with using this stamping plate or other full plate images as well.  Leave me a link in the comments below if you've had a go with one.

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Aimée x


  1. I love the tone on tone that you have used in this design

    1. I wasn't sure it was all going to go at first as I pictured a darker purple for the stamping, but I think it's just right


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