Monday, 2 March 2015

Elegant French Manicure with Born Pretty Store Water Decal Review*

Evenings are finally staying a bit brighter, and there are daffodils and crocuses coming out, this can only mean one thing... spring is upon us.  Since the beginning of the year I have mainly stuck with darker colours so I thought it was about time to do a lighter manicure.

I was trying out some different Essie nude shades at the weekend and thought that these colours lent themselves to showing off these pretty Black Flower Water Decals from Born Pretty Store.

*Press sample - Sent to me for review

What you get
You get one sheet of 20 water decal stickers - I forgot to take a picture before I had cut them up to use, but hopefully you get the idea - The transfers come in three different sizes, but there aren't equal amounts of each size.  


I'd say that I got 7 large, 9 medium, and 4 small, so it's possible to do two full manicures if you didn't mind the sizes not quite matching up across both hands, but you might be better doing one full manicure and then using the rest for accent nails which is what I plan to do.

I have used water decals before, and got the hang of them when I was younger because I used to pick up lots of different designs when I was on family holidays to America.  However if you are new to water decals they can seem a bit fiddly.

The directions on the back on these decals seemed a little odd to me, so I'll tell you what I did.

1. Paint base colour and leave to dry
2. Cut around desired decals
3. Peel off protective plastic film that's on the top of the decals
4. Place decal into water for 10 - 20 seconds making sure the whole thing is covered in water
5. Carefully remove decal from water (I used tweezers for this and the next step)
6. Gently slide the decal off the backing paper
7. Place decal in position on the nail
8. Seal in and protect your decal with a top coat

Now whilst this might seem a more complicated process than using nail stickers or wraps, you can't beat a water decal, when it comes to the finished look.


You can see from this closer look that they are completely seamless, with no wrinkles, bumps, or lines.  You can see the difference in finish between these and other similar products that I have reviewed like the Models Own Sticky Fingers, the Fake Tattoos Nail Tattoos, and the OMG Nail Strips.

I really love these decals, and I found them really easy to apply.  I used the largest size on my thumb and index finger, medium on my middle finger and small decals on my ring and little finger, so there are plenty of different options on size depending on the length on your nails, or how bold you want the decal to be.  I would definitely recommend these and I'm already looking at which ones to get next.

These particular decals are called Elegant Black Flower Nail Water Decal and they cost $1.99^

If I've temped you to try anything from the Born Pretty Store, you can get 10% off with my code HFG10.  Clicking on the image below will take you right to the nail art page.


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Aimée x

^Price correct at time of posting

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