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Coloristiq Nail Polish Rental Service Review*

Do you ever see nail polishes that you'd love to try, but their price tag is just a little to steep for you to justify buying the whole bottle for perhaps only a few uses?  If so, it sounds like you could benefit from Coloristiq's nail polish rental service.


*Press sample - sent to me for review
I recently became an ambassador for Coloristiq and they sent me some of their lovely polishes to show you how their service works.  I got sent three China Glaze colours, Shocking Pink (Neon), Feeling Twinkly, and Chillin' With My Snow-Mies, but I'll come back to those later in the post.

How it Works
Coloristiq is a monthly nail polish rental service, offering members the use of three colours, across different salon quality brands, for 30 days use, with up to three uses per bottle.  The colours are picked from a wish list put together by each member, and they are delivered straight to your door. The monthly cost is £14.49 and all postage is included.  Once the 30 day period is up you simply package up the polishes and send them back (return postage is also included in the subscription) where Coloristiq inspects them carefully, and sanitises each bottle, before returning it back to stock for other members to rent.


The polishes are sent carefully packaged - the box is lined with straw, the bottles all have their own protective sleeve, and the box has return instructions neatly presented on the lid.


Make sure you keep all the packaging, because you will need it to send back the polishes at the end of the 30 day period.

And it's a simple as that.  Brilliant or what?  You'll be able to try all sorts of different colours and brands without having to fork out the full cost for each bottle of polish.  You wont have to worry about expensive polish going thick or drying out, and know that you'll be able to try out the latest collections.

Now on to the colours that I was sent to show you...

First up is Chillin' With My Snow-Mies.


This is a really pretty topper with multiple sized white glitter hexagon flecks.  The swatch shows two coats as glitter placement can be quite tricky.  With this topper it's easier to dab the flecks on to the nail with the brush and move them carefully around the nail rather than painting them on in a traditional polish application motion.  This topper would be perfect for lots of different occasions, but particularly something like Christmas or perhaps over a nude base for a wedding.

Next is Feeling Twinkly.

This is a beautiful glitter packed polish.  The glitter is suspended in a clear base, so you could use a single coat over a different base colour, or you can build up coats like I have here for full glitter coverage.  This swatch shows three coats; two coats didn't give full coverage as there were still a few visible gaps.  Glitter polishes can be a pain to remove, but because the glitter is so fine this was quite easy to remove.

Lastly I have Shocking Pink (Neon).


I couldn't capture the overall brightness of this neon shade in camera, but it is much brighter in person.  I tend to find that neons can be a bit tricky to apply and are quite streaky to begin with; this was true in this case as well and to get a smooth, full coverage I have used three coats.  This colour is perfect for summer as it's so bright and cheerful.

I decided to add a single coat of Chillin' With My Snow-Mies over the top of Shocking Pink and I think it looks lovely.  Even though the glitter placement is tricky, I like the haphazard look that I ended up with.

Do you think you might subscribe to Coloristiq?  Why not take a look at the collection of colours available and start building your wishlist?

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