Monday, 18 February 2013

Essie: Jamaica Me Crazy

Hello all,

I was very excited to spot Essie polishes in my local Boots yesterday so thought I'd give it a try.  I started with just one colour to see how I got on with it because at £7.99 I needed to be sure that I liked it.

My nails are very strong, but can be quite brittle and flaky and I have tried a few moisturising base coats before, so I thought that I'd try Essie's 'Norish Me' as well.  This says that it's an 'intense hydration base coat' and says that it can improve hydration of nails by about 50% in 5 days.  I have used this as a base, along with my normal base coat and I will let you know if I see an improvement in the moisture of my nails over the next few weeks from using this.  This was £8.99 in Boots.

Back to my pretty colour though...

I chose Jamaica Me Crazy which is a gorgeous deep pink colour.  In some lights it almost has a purple look to it as the colour is that deep.  The coverage after one coat is quite good, although I would suggest two for the best look.  I found that the polish dries fairly quickly, means wait time between coats is not too long.  There is a bit of sparkle in the colour itself which is lovely on its own, but I can't resist that extra bit of sparkle and I finished my nails off with a coat of my trusty Collection 2000 Glitter Top Coat.  I always use a clear top coat over that as well to add lots of extra shine.  I think it's safe to say that I might be taking a look at some more Essie colours from time to time when I am feeling like having a bit of a splurge.
I would recommend taking a look at Essie colours as there are lots of choices and it seems to be a great quality polish.  Hope this helps you if you have been thinking about this brand but you weren't sure before.  Let me know in the comments if you have use Essie colours, which ones and how you found them x


  1. Wow! This lacquier is so amazing! I'm impressed! : )

    1. Hi Vivid - It's really nice! I would recommend it :-)


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