Monday, 25 February 2013

Glittery Black with Pink Stripes

Hi all,

So I was a lucky girl and got some lovely presents from my mum from her holiday to America, including a nail polish!! It's a Wet n Wild Fergie Collection: Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night.  It's a clear base polish with small black glitter particles with bigger gold glitter particles.  I will do a proper review of the polish at a later date when I use it over a lighter colour... but I wanted to use it for my design this week.


If you read my blog regularly you might remember that I got some nail tapes for Christmas.  Well I hadn't actually used them, just admired them and their pretty colours, so I thought it was about time that I actually did give them a go!

I chose a black base for my nails, I used Revlon, and applied two coats.  I then painted half of my nails with a coat of the Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night.  I have seen that other people who have reviewed this polish before have said that the brush is quite big.  It is a bit bigger than other brands that I have, but I didn't really find it a problem as I got quite a lot of glitter with just one coat, but I will see what I think when I use it again over a different colour when I review it on it's own.

After this had dried I then used my pink nail tape to create a stripe down the middle of each nail.  It was quite fiddly to get the tape in the middle of the nail, but I found that it was easiest to start at the nail bed, overlapping onto my finger slightly to get the positioning right before committing to sticking my stripe down.  At the end of each nail I left a little bit of tape over the edge which I then trimmed with nail scissors and trimmers.

All that was left after this was to seal everything in with top coat.  I normally only use one layer of top coat, but this week I used two to make sure that my tape didn't peel up at the edges.

On another note, last week you will have seen that I wrote a little about Essie Nourish Me base coat.  I am pleased to say that my nails seem a little more hydrated than before.  I will keep using it and see if I think it makes a bigger impact.

Hope you like this design x

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