Monday, 4 February 2013

Love Bug Ladybird Nail Art for Valentine's Day

Hi all,

I have been inspired by one of my mini Me to You bears for this week's design.  I kept Valentine's Day in mind, but I didn't want to do a design with the traditional hearts.


These cute ladybird nails are really simple to do.  Simply paint your nails in a bright red and then when that is dry, use a black striper to create a line down the middle of your nails.  Do this on all nails other than your ring finger.  Here you will need to create a red circle on the tip of your nail and then add the black line to that as with the other fingers.

To add the rest of the details of the ladybird use a small brush or a tooth pick to add a crescent shape over the top of your red circle in black.  This will be the ladybird's head.  Using a black striper add two small lines for antenna, and at the end of these I have drawn very small hearts with a nail art pen.  Models Own nail art pens have both a striper and pen in one tool so are great for a design like this.  The striper gives a very fine line and the tip of the pen is very fine for small details.

To finish off the rest of the design, use a dotting tool dipped in black polish to finish the ladybird effect.  If you wanted, you could make these dots little hearts as well, but I decided just to add simple dots for my design.

I hope you like my love bug ladybird design and maybe try it out this Valentine's Day.


  1. Wow how cute! Very creative: )
    P.S. I've tagged you in a post. Please check it out, would love to hear your answers! x

    1. Thanks Jenni Jen - I will take a look this weekend :-)

      Glad you like the design x

  2. This is so lovely, maybe I'm going to try and do this for Valentine's day :)

    1. Thanks Sanja! Keep an eye out for another Valentine's design tomorrow x


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