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Models Own: Speckled Eggs* - Swatches and Comparison

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I have a been lucky enough to get three of the new Speckled Eggs collection from Models Own to review (and a tube of yummy Mini Eggs - they didn't last long!).  This is a new collection of pastel shades perfect for spring, but with added black matte glitter particles in different sizes to give the speckled effect.  Now I don't know about you, but when these were first announced I wondered how similar the colours would be compared to other pastel shades from Models Own in the collections like Ice Cream Sundae and Fruit Pastels, so along with the swatched I got a bit of a comparison with the others where I have the corresponding colour.  Lets take a look shall we?



Left to right I have Goose,  Duck and Magpie.  Out of the three I have to say that Magpie is my favourite, so I'll leave that one to the end!

* Press sample - sent to me for review


Goose is a gorgeous creamy yellow shade.  It was very sheer on first coat, but this is just two and as you can see this gives much better coverage.  Provided that you paint carefully, you should be fine with just two coats.  I think any more than that might be pushing things slightly.  I found it took quite a while to dry after the second coat as it's quite thick.  I think too many coats would spoil the speckled effect as you would cover up some of the glitter.  I have to note here that Goose looks so much better on your nails that in the bottle.  When I first saw it I was a bit worried that it was going to look like a grotty yellow, but as you can see it's not.


Here is Goose along with Lemon Meringue from the Ice Cream Sundae collection.  It's a little bit tricky to tell, but Goose is a richer shade of yellow, Lemon Meringue, does exactly what it says on the bottle and is a lemon colour.  I am afraid I don't have Banana Split from the Fruit Pastel collection to compare, but you can see my comparison between other Ice Cream Sundae shades and Fruit Pastel shades here.


Duck is a cool blue shade.  As with Goose this was very sheer on the first coat, but evened out with a second coat.  Again with careful painting this should be all you need, but it is all about personal choice.  I think this is a really pretty shade and would lend itself well to lots of uses in nail art.


Here is Duck along with Beth's Blue.  Beth's Blue seems to have been discontinued now, but if you already have it in your collection, this will still give you and idea of the difference in colour.  As I mentioned before Duck is quite a cool shade where as Beth's blue has a richer warmer tone to it.  I am afraid I don't have Blueberry Muffin from the Fruit Pastel collection to compare, but you can see my comparison between other Ice Cream Sundae shades and Fruit Pastel shades here.


Magpie is my favourite out of the three.  It's such a pretty shade of green, which almost boarders on turquoise. It's described as mint green, I'm not sure about that description, although it does remind me of mint choc chip ice cream, so maybe it is right!  On first coat this was much more opaque than the others, and two  coats is perfect.  This is the one that I have now kept on my nails.


Here is Magpie (middle) along with Jade Stone (left) and Apple Pie (right).  Jade Stone was originally part of the Ice Cream Sundae collection, but seems to have been moved out of that (Pastel Pink, Lilac Dream and Lemon Meringue are still labelled as that collection, and as I mentioned before Beth's Blue seems to have been discontinued).  As you can see Magpie is a very different shade to both of these colours.  Jade Stone is a rich green tone, and Apple pie is a light pastel.

I am very impressed with this collection and think that Dove (Pink) and Swan (Purple) would compliment these three colours beautifully.  If you are looking for a speckled effect polish I would recommend these.  I will also be interested to see what these look like over white polish, I'll bet the colours really pop.  If you wanted to make them really look like Mini Eggs I think matte top coat would do the trick nicely!  Which ones do you think you will be treating yourself to?

Speckled Eggs are £5 each and will be exclusively launching at Models Own Bottleshops on 08 March, and Superdrug shops from 12 March, and Boots shops from 19 March.

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