Monday, 13 October 2014

Essence: Thermo Effect Polish - It's Hot Stuff

Hello all,

I love to have fun with my nails, so if there's a polish that adds to the fun it's going to be likely that I want it!  I spotted Thermo Effect colours from Essence a while back on a European blog, but that was before Essence came over to the UK.  When they arrived here, I sent them a cheeky Tweet to ask if we would be getting them as well and I was told they would be here soon.  On my last trip to Westfield I popped into the shop, obviously, and spotted this gorgeous pink that I needed to try.


It goes on the nail really smoothly and has pretty good coverage with just one coat.  It recommends on the bottle to use two coats and I always do that anyway.  Here you can see what it looks like when it's warm.


After a little while I was worried that there hadn't been any change in the colour, but figured it was because I was pretty warm and in a warm room.  To test out the thermo effect I went to the kitchen to hold my hand in the freezer for a little bit.  Whilst there I found some ice cream, so I thought what better way to make my hand cold than holding a tub of ice cream?  I thought it would be rude not to eat some as well, but purely for research purposes for the thermo effect you understand!


As you can see it goes a deep magenta pink when cold which is also so pretty.  I love the effect of transition in between because it gives an effortless ombré effect.


I don't know about you, but I always find it difficult to leave a manicure plain these days, so for a bit of simple nail art I painted an accent nail in Jet from Graffiti Nails with a coat of Models Own glitter from the firework collection in Roman Candle.  Jet is an amazing black with amazing coverage in one quick coat. Roman Candle has lots of different glitter shapes and sizes in silver, pink, and black.  I then added some quick tiger stripes on my pink nails with a thin black striper.

What's your favourite type of nail polish effect?

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