Monday, 6 October 2014

Tiffany & Co Nails

Hello all,

Whilst I was out shopping at the weekend, I got distracted by something shiny... Glittery nail polish to be precise!  How could I not come away with nail polish when I was out for a girly day of shopping and the cinema with my mum?

I got an exciting new addition to my Essence collection which will feature on my blog soon, but what I have to show you today is number 184 from Laka.  It's the perfect green glitter to add to some Tiffany & Co. themed nails.


I have done Tiffany & Co. nails before (you can see them here) and they are just so cute to do; so I was excited to try out some more.


I started off with base colours of For Audrey from China Glaze on my thumb to middle fingers, and then Models Own Snow White on my ring finger and little finger.  I then stamped cute little bows from my MoYou Kitty 07 plate on three nails, in the opposite colour to the base.  I am a little disappointed that the white bows didn't stand out more.  I think I need a different white for stamping.


I used 184 from Laka on my ring finger in a single coat so that the white still showed through, and on my thumb I have used a few coats.  This is such a pretty glitter packed with smaller Tiffany blue particles and larger round holographic glitter flecks.  It really catches the light and really adds something extra to my Tiffany & Co. nails.

I was very lucky to get this exciting Tiffany box with a beautiful necklace in for my birthday a few years ago now, and it's so much fun to paint my nails to match!

Thanks for stopping by
Aimée x


  1. These are so pretty! i love the look of that glitter polish! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! It really is pretty and catches the light really well. I like that it can be built up with layers to give a different look if you want! It's also nice a smooth with top coat. If you get the chance to try out Laka I would go for it - they are a little pricier than some others, but are pretty :-)


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