Monday, 1 December 2014

Barry M: Glitterati Socialite

Hello all,

With the party season here glitter is always a good choice.  I tried out Socialite a few weeks ago, but haven't had chance to post about it yet.


This was one of those essential buys in Boots to make up my total cost for bonus points.  It just had to be done, you know how these things are!?

I love this colour and I think it would be brilliant for Christmas parties paired with a black dress.  It has a slight texture to it because of the dense glitter, but if you use a top coat over it, it smooths out.


I was lucky enough to be able to catch it glistening in the sunshine and look how pretty it is.

What other colours from the Glitterati collection would you suggest?

Thanks for stopping by
Aimée x


  1. These look so cute in the bottle, I'm just wondering what they actually look like. You've cleared that up for me, I did think they'd look a little like Rimmel's Space Dust on the nails! :)

    1. I see where they could be similar to Rimmel Space Dust, but they only have a bit of a texture because of the glitter content, rather than being a full on textured polish. I have a couple of the Space Dust colours and I'd recommend this Barry M for sure!

  2. Ohh how pretty does that look! I haven't bought any yet but I'm very tempted now :D! Love your pictures especially the second one! x

    1. It is gorgeous especially in the sunshine! It just catchable the light brilliantly! I look forward to seeing which ones you pick if you do get some x


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