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W7 Nail Polish and Cosmic Nail Dust Review*

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I hope you've had a great Christmas and got some lovely nail goodies under the tree.  We now of course have the countdown to the New Year, and it's another perfect excuse for super glittery nails.  I was asked to review some colours and glitters from W7 Cosmetics and thought that this would be the perfect reason to show them off.


*Press sample - sent to me for review
I was sent Liberty, a beautiful deep purple polish, and Tiffany, a pretty light blue.  Included with these were two stunning Cosmic Nail Glitters in pink and blue.

I started my design by alternating the two colours on my nails.  I started with purple on my thumbs, so I have three purple nails and two blue.


Liberty went on very smoothly and was opaque in two coats.  It dried quickly and with a slight gloss finish. 

Tiffany was more sheer and the first coat was very streaky.  I used three coats here to get full opacity. It did dry quickly and with a slight gloss finish.

As a true Tiffany blue (as in the jewellery brand), I would say that this is slightly too far on the green side of blue to be a true match, but as dupe to China Glaze's For Audrey, it works well.  You can see other Tiffany nails I have done here, and here.  You can also see some other dupes for For Audrey here.


My next step was to add the glitter.  After my base polish was dry I used striping tape to mask off diagonal stripes on all of my nails.  I then painted on a thick coat of my normal top coat and sprinkled the glitter over the top.  I then gently pressed the glitter down on to my nail.

The bottles of glitter are glass so they are very sturdy, and they have a long flexible pouring spout. This makes applying the glitter really easy and precise.  I haven't been able to find a way that the spout comes off so I haven't been able to pour the excess glitter back in to the bottle which is a shame.  Having said that I don't feel that I have wasted too much glitter as it was so precise when pouring.

After I had covered my nail I quickly removed the striping tape so that it didn't dry and ruin my design when I took it off later.  I then used a fan brush to carefully brush off any excess glitter.

The blue glitter seems a little bit more gritty that the pink, but if you add a top coat over the top it does smooth down.  You will probably want to add a couple of extra layers of top coat over the top if you don't want a textured effect finish.

I think glitter like this is prefect for a special occasion like New Years Eve.  What will you be wearing on your nails?

Check out W7 Cosmetics website for stockists so you can get your hands on these and other beautiful goodies.

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