Monday, 20 May 2013

Models Own: Splash Polish Golden Shore - Summer Ombré

Hello all,

I just have a quick post this week to show the new Models Own Splash Polish in Golden Shore.  I haven't seen that many swatches of them yet, but I'm not sure people really know what to do with them.  The whole of the Splash Polish collection is gorgeous to look at in the bottle with hand cut shards of glitter in a translucent coloured polish.  I had my eye on Golden Shore right from the word go when the collection was announced, but I wasn't too sure about the others.  I resisted and just got the one in the Bottleshop when they launched with the idea that I could always go back if I wanted others.

Despite there not being too many swatches about, well not that I have seen anyway, I wasn't sure where to start, so I thought I'd test some things out on some falsies first.  I got an idea and went with that, liked how it turned out so I went with it.

I decided on a summer ombré finish to show off the shards of golden glitter.  I started off with a base of white painted over the whole nail as I really wanted my colours to pop, and I also knew that this would be covered over by Golden Shore, creating the lightest orange later on.  Using Models Own for the rest of my ombré, I sponged on Fuzzy Peach for my mid tone orange and then Pink Punch over the tips for my darkest shade.  To smooth out the sponging I added a top coat.  After this had dried I then added a coat of Golden Shore.  I would describe it as a sticky polish, it's very thick and reminded me a little bit of jam.  The glitter shards are quite tricky to evenly spread over the nail which I was a little surprised about as the Mirror Ball collection glitters are so simple to use for a great coverage in just one coat if you want.  I had to work a little bit to get the glitter to stay on my nails, dabbing the brush in places to move it around rather than a lot right at the ends or in one large patch in the middle.  I was going to add another coat, but at this stage Golden Shores had made my nails very thick with polish and I didn't really want to add anymore to them other than a top coat.
I ended up using two coats of top coat to stop the glitter being too bitty and sticking out all over my nails.  It seems to have done the trick, but my finished nails are very thick with varnish and I worry about it cracking and smashing on my nails with the impact of my typing and everyday wear and tare.  I will see how I go.  Does anyone else get cracking or smashing in their polish when it's thick?
Overall, I am not disappointed that I got Golden Shore, but I don't think I will be getting the other Splash Polishes.  This might become one that's 'perfect for toes!'.  I do like my finished neon summer ombré and I think it looks a little bit like candy corn.
What do you think?  I'd be interested to see what other people think about the Splash Polishes, leave a comment below to let me know x


  1. It reminds me of a sunset...I love sunsets!

    1. I've had other comments from friends and family that it reminded them of an ice lolly


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