Monday, 13 May 2013

Sinful Colors: Nail Junkie with Stripes

Hello all,

This weekend saw some more nail vanish purchases as you may have seen from my Twitter or Facebook page.  I couldn't resist the Models Own Bottleshop and the launch of the new Splash Polishes.  I had my eye on Golden Shore since I had seen the press pictures of the Splash Polish collection.  I was lucky enough to pick out a 'prize' ticket in the lucky dip at the Bottleshop at got a make up bag with attached mirror.  I also got a Sinful Colours polish in Nail Junkie.


I decided to use my Sinful Colours polish for my design this week, but I have something in mind for Golden Shore next week.


I wanted to have a go at a tape manicure with the colour peeping through and I thought Nail Junkie was perfect for this.  I was originally going to do the taping on all my nails, but I wanted to let the glitter shine away, so opted to just do my thumb nail and ring finger.

To create this look I first painted all my nails with my base colour and left it to dry.  I added a top coat over this to smooth it out as the glitter is quite chunky and gritty.  After this had dried I added four strips of nail tape across each of my accent nails and painted over the strips in a coat of black polish.  Before this is dry you lift the tape away from the nails following the pattern that you have stuck the tape in.  I used tweezers to add and remove the tape as it can be quite fiddly otherwise.  I finished off with a top coat to protect my design.

I think I did well for my first go at a tape manicure where you remove the tape, I'll have to try some different colour and pattern combinations in the future as it was a lot of fun to do.  I'd love to see your tape manicures if you have had a go, leave a link in the comments so I can take a look.

This week I am very excited as tomorrow is the day I will be in Look magazine - I'll be itching to get away from work as quickly as possible so I can go and get my copy x

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