Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Turquoise Stone Nail Art

Hello all,

I went for a 'Pinspired' manicure this week from Pinterest.  I have been seeing lots of pretty designs and thought that I would give one a go.

I have the gorgeous For Audrey from China glaze and having done a couple of different Tiffany & Co. designs with it, I was searching for something else to use it for.  I spotted Turquoise Stone nails and they were just perfect! I saw them done a few different ways but here is the pin that I got my main idea from.

Now I don't know about you, but I hate cling film! It clings to everything that it's not meant to and nothing that it is; mainly itself which is very frustrating!  This is the perfect revenge for cling film though as you just lightly screw some up and use it to dab on the colour.  I just dabbed the cling film into black polish from Revlon and removed the excess on a scrap of paper and then dabbed it all over my nails.  You can see the steps on the pin that I followed, but I didn't copy it like for like as I wanted to add my own touch.  I also thought that painting on the thin lines might look too overdone. 
I had seen some other pins that did the dabbing of colour with gold polish instead, so I thought that I would add a little bit of gold as well.  After the black had dried I dabbed Models Own Bora Bora over all of my nails using the cling film as before.  This added a slight sparkle like you can see in turquoise stones.
Before I was lucky enough to get China Glaze For Audrey I had tried some other polishes as dupes for the colour.
Here you can see China Glaze For Audrey, Orly Gumdrop and Marks and Spencer Duck Egg.  Duck Egg was the first one that I had and whilst I love the polish as you can see from how much has been used, it's not the best dupe for For Audrey.  It's much lighter and very shimmery.  I was bought this when looking for dupes and it seemed right at the time until looking at pictures afterwards.  I must say that if you are looking for a light pretty blue/green I would recommend Duck Egg as it's just lovely.  Having then searched online for dupes I found Orly Gumdrop.  It's a really good dupe if you can't get your hands on China Glaze.  As you can see it is slightly lighter, but it's not at all bad.  Have you found any good dupes for this or other colours?
I'm really pleased with the finished effect of my turquoise stone nails.  What do you think? Are you on Pinterest? Have you tried any designs from there?

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