Monday, 26 August 2013

Character Designs

Hello all,

I am doing a guest post later on this week over on The Naily Mail and I will have a post from The Naily Mail here for you later on this week, so keep an eye out for those.

Today I thought I would share some older designs that I had done before I had my blog.  I have to apologise for the quality of the photographs as I took them on my phone.


First I have a cute little monkey that I saw over on I Have A Cupcake.  Her designs are so cute and I had to give this a go.  Hope on over and take a look at her videos.

Second I have Captain America and Iron Man.  I did these based on Google searches for Avengers nail art and painted them especially to go and see the film!

Third I have some cute piggy nails.  I saw these on Real Asian Beauty and seeing as pigs are my favourite animals I just had to do these!

Lastly I have Rudolph nails.  These were inspired by Cutepolish.  I'm sure most of you will have come across Cutepolish at some point.

What do you think of some of my earlier attempts and recreations of other's designs? I'd love to see some of your first attempts - why not leave me a link in the comments below?

See you again later on in the week for the post from my guest blogger x


  1. I love the monkey design, it's so cute! My earlier attempts were really bad looking back at them, I think I even have some on Twitter! I've learnt a lot since I started blogging, mainly about cleaning up and keeping them neat x

    1. It was fun looking back at some of the older things that I had done! These were just before I started my blog and made me think I should start one up!

      I've painted my nails since I was young and was always experimenting, painting alternating colours or using glitter etc but it's even more fun to document them on the blog and like you say, you learn more by doing that! x


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