Monday, 19 August 2013

Miss Sporty: Metal Flip - Aurora Borealis

Hello all,

I had a busy weekend this weekend, but it was busy in a good way!  I reached 200 followers over on Twitter so I had a bit of a mini giveaway to celebrate! The lovely Samantha from @Smugginsx was the winner and I have posted off her prize today, so hopefully she will get it in the next day or two.  And on the same day I won a giveaway from Barry M!!! Eeeek!! So exciting! I won their whole confetti collection and it should be with me soon!! Yay!!  I will post about them when they arrive!

Anyway, onto the main point of my post... This week I went for something simple.  As I mentioned last week I was bought Miss Sporty Metal Flip in Aurora Borealis, and although I used it in my ombré last week it got a little lost, so I said I would do a swatch of it and talk about it in more detail.


The Metal Flip polishes from Miss Sporty are duochrome effect polishes that shift, or flip, between colours depending on the light.  Aurora Borealis is bluey silver polish with hints of purple and gold.  I have taken some other pictures in different lights to give you an idea of how it changes.  Above you can see my normal blog type picture taken in a light cube.  Here you can see that it's more blue showing some hints of purple.

Here it is (above) in daylight, where you can see it;s more silvery than anything else and below is in sunlight, which brings out more of the golf tones in the polish.  I have found that it can take on the colour of what's around at the time, like in my bedroom I have purple walls and when I am in there it looks more purple / silver.  I like that it can change depending on the light you are in.  One polish, but with so many options.

On application it was quite sheer, which I was a bit surprised about as it doesn't look like it would be in the bottle, so I have used three coats to make it opaque.  For an accent nail (and on my thumb nail) I have used Seventeen Off the Wall Graffiti in Bluetone.  This is a nail effect polish with tiny black and silver glitter particles and larger hex glitter bits, also in black and silver in a sheer blue base.  The blue is similar to the Miss Sporty I have used which is why it doesn't show up too much here, but over white or a lighter blue you would see the full effect.

Have you tried any metal effect duochrome polishes? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments x

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