Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Guest Post: The Naily Mail - Pastel Mosaic Nail Art

Hello all,

Today I have something exciting - it's a guest post from Lauren at The Naily Mail.  Since joining Twitter I have come across lots of lovely nail blogging ladies and Lauren's designs caught my eye right from the beginning.  We've chatted over Twitter and decided that we would do a guest post on each other's blogs.  So here you go, let me pass you over... 

Hello everyone! I'm Lauren, a nail art blogger from Lancashire. I started my blog, The Naily Mail, in February and since then I have met so many lovely bloggers and think I have made a huge improvement in my nail art, so I'm very excited to now be doing my first ever guest post! I’m glad it is on Pinkglow's Pretty Polish, Aimée was one of the first bloggers I got to know and I love her nail art and reading her blog, so I feel very privileged to be on here!

For our first guest posts we decided on a pastel theme and to see what we both came up with using these colours. So here's what I did:

I've been into half & half manicures lately so thought, why not do another?! I'm also a lover of mosaic designs so I wanted to include that too.

I have used a couple of the Models Own Fruit Pastel collection for this, but as I don’t own the whole collection (yet!), I had to mix a couple of other polishes with white to make them look pastel.

To create the mosaic effect I used my Avon nail art brush to make small, random shapes using the different colours on top of a white base coat. I then went in between these shapes with a white nail pen to neaten the mosaic up. To define the split between the two halves I made a thick white line.

At the end of every manicure I face the major decision of a shiny or matte finish. I think what top coat you use makes a huge difference of the overall look of the manicure. So as this is pastel themed, a matte top coat would give the manicure a soft look, just as pastel colours look soft. So to finish off I used Rimmel's Pro Matte top coat. Do you think matte was a good choice or should I have gone for a shiny finish?

I hope you like my design and enjoyed my guest post. You can see more of my nail art on my blog, The Naily Mail. Or you can find me at the following places:

Instagram: @TheNailyMail

Thank you so much for letting me guest post on your blog Pinkglow, it’s been great fun and I hope to do it again soon!

The Naily Mail x
I love this half and half design! What do you think? Leave comments below! Thank you to Lauren for guest posting - it's been so much fun!

Do you want to see my design for my guest post over on The Naily Mail? Here's a sneak peak....  Make sure you go and read my post on The Naily Mail x



  1. I love the mosaic design! I've never done one myself - might have to give it a go! Definitely love the matte top coat too. Looking forward to seeing Pinkglow's on the Naily Mail! x

    1. It's really pretty isn't it? The Naily Mail makes it look so easy!!

  2. The mosaic is a great idea and with pastels it looks so soft! I wouldn't mind having some clothes in this pattern :) I love pastels, it's a great theme!

  3. This looks like it took foreverrr! I always struggle with intricate designs like this. I especially love how it's made even more different with the half-and-half look. Fab! <3

    I also love your design over at The Naily Mail :-) xx

    1. Thank you - I loved my stripes once I'd finished!

      The Naily Mail makes mosaics look so easy and they look amazing! x


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