Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Jacava: Raspberry Bavarois with Glitter

Hello all,

Hopefully yesterday you saw my review of Jacava Raspberry Bavarois.  I wanted to present it as just a plain colour for the review and I wanted to leave it on it's own to see how it well it lasted over a normal day (No chipping so hooray!).  But today I felt the need to add some nail art to it.  I haven't gone mad, but since I started doing nail art more and more, it seems very odd when I then don't have any!

I decided to try out a reverse glitter gradient with two Models Own colours, Magenta Divine and Hot Stuff.  I chose these two colours for my glitter gradient as they are the perfect match for Raspberry Bavarois.


I also chose these two colours as I hadn't tried a gradient like this before, so I didn't want it to be too obvious if it went a big wrong.  I started off with Magenta Divine for the base of the gradient, brushing most of the polish off the brush.  I then dabbed the polish that was left on the brush at the base of the nail by the cuticle.  Once all of the polish was on my nail I then dragged the brush from my cuticle down the nail, this spread a little bit of the glitter down the length of my nail.  I repeated this step again until I was happy with the look and then left this to dry.  To add an extra bit of sparkle I then dabbed some larger glitter pieces just by my cuticles using Hot Stuff.

I really love the effect, it almost looks like a waterfall of glitter down my nails! What do you think? Have you ever tried this before - leave a link in the comments to show me your version x 

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