Monday, 21 April 2014

Models Own: Tropical Sun and Ibiza Mix

Hello all,

I hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend and the Easter bunny visited.

I got a bit ahead of myself thinking that it was time for this month's Polish Party design, but that will be next week, so keep an eye out for that.  As I have more time to plan for that I went for a pretty spring colour.


This is Tropical Sun from the Beetlejuice collection topped with Ibiza Mix.  Tropical Sun is a fairly sheer coral/peach with tiny gold glitter specks.  It's so pretty and catches the light and sparkles away.  I have used two coats here because I was topping with glitter, but I think if you were wearing it on it's own three coats might be better.  I added Ibiza Mix over the top because you just can't go wrong with this glitter.  There are so many colours of glitter in Ibiza Mix it simply takes on the colours in your base and just seems to work, whatever you use it with! This is one of the most versatile glitter polishes I have ever come across.

What pretty spring colours have you been trying out recently?

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