Monday, 12 May 2014

Models Own: Hyper Gel Sundress with Nail Tape Tutorial

Hello all,

I have wanted to try a more nail tape designs for a while now so I thought I'd give it a go along with a half moon manicure.  And what better way to test out my new Hyper Gel from Models Own.  Sundress is one of the new pinks from the summer Hyper Gel collection.


To create the half moons I used hole re-enforcers that you can get from stationery shops. Then to add to this and make it a bit more fancy I added some stripes using the nail art tape from my Models Own Nail Art kit. I haven't done a step by step in a while so I thought I'd give a new style picture tutorial a go.  I picked Models Own Bora Bora as my base colour for this design.


1. Paint your base colour and wait for it to dry completely
2. Add hole re-enforcers and nail tape to create your pattern
3. Paint your top colour over the tape
4. Before this coat of polish dries remove the tape
5. Clean up around the edges of your nails, add a top coat and you're done

Sundress is such a pretty deep raspberry pinky red polish.  It was opaque with just one coat making it perfect for my nail tape design.  Lots of people have had concerns about the summer Hyper Gels being similar to the other ones that came out originally, but I think it's difficult to tell from pictures what they are really like.  Here is a comparison between Sundress (on the left) and Cerise Shine (on the right).

I'd love to see more swatches of the other summer Hyper Gels, leave me a link if you have some of them and let me know what you think of my mini tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by
Aimée x


  1. Great tutorial and really gorgeous nails!

    1. Thanks. This is a new more simple way for me to do my tutorials and it seems to have been failry popular x


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