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Models Own: Nail Art Kit Review*

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I always wondered why Models Own didn't have a nail art kit because they seem to love nail art as much as we all do, and then the other week I came home from work to find this beauty waiting for me


A brand new Nail Art Kit from Models Own! Fancy that!  Of course I had to take a picture straight away, so this is from my phone, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out anyway.  Then it was just a case of finding a bit of time to play with it all.

* Press sample - sent to me for review

This kit is definitely geared to nail artists.  It's a seven piece kit, including, four brushes, two double ended dotting tools, and a roll of nail tape.


From left to right here there is the large dotting tool, small dotting tool, fan brush, flat brush, short detailing brush, and a striping brush.

To show of some of the effects you can get with the kit I ordered some nail art wheels from Amazon.  They took a while to arrive (although they travelled all the way from China), but I am pleased with them and they will allow me to review things like this even more easily.

I love how bright the Polish For Tans collection is, so I decided to do some deigns using Bikini, Sun Hat, and Shades.


I started off with a simple striping tape design.


I love how effective nail tape manicures can be and it's really straightforward to use.  You need to make sure your base coat is completely dry before you start applying the nail tape, but then the only limit is your imagination.  Once you have created your design paint on a thick coat of another colour, I think it tends to work best with a bright base colour and a darker shade layered over the top.  Whilst your top colour is still wet, gently peel off the tape.  If you have layered strips of tape over others try to remember which order you did them in and take them off in reverse order.

Next it was on to the dotting tools.



I absolutely love that there are two double ended dotting tools included in the kit.  The top photograph shows the two larger sized dots and the bottom one show the smaller sized.  The smaller tool in particular is a brilliant addition to my nail tool collection as the smaller end of the one I have isn't very good.  With these two tools I think there is a bigger difference in size on the smaller tool, but between the two you'd have a good range to choose from.

Then the small detail brush.


At the moment the small detailed brush has to be my least favourite.  Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant little brush, but I don't tend to include such small details in my designs.  Perhaps this brush will help me to do that a bit more!  What sorts of things do you use a detail brush for? I'd love some ideas.

 After this I used the striping brush.


These are not the best free hand stripes I have ever done.  As striping brushes go this one gives you quite a thick line and could have perhaps done with fewer bristles.  Overall it's not bad, and if you wanted a thicker line then this is perfect.

Lastly, design wise, there is the fan brush.


I find what works best when using a fan brush is a wet the bristles slightly which gives them a more spiky point.  This works really well for dragging a colour across the whole nail to give messy striped look.  I have done this before with a bumble bee design.  Testing out this new fan brush I dampened the bristles a bit, but I didn't splay them out as much as I normally would.  I dipped the very tips of half of the fan brush in Sun Hat and dragged the brush from the side of my nail towards the centre, but didn't continue all the way across.  I then did the same again from the opposite side.  Then before cleaning my brush off I dipped the other half in Shades and went over the top of what I had already done.  I love how this nail turned out and I hope I can recreate it on my actual nails in the future.

You will notice that I haven't done a design using the flat brush and that's because it's the sort of brush I use for cleaning up my finished manicure.  If you dip this in a little nail polish remover it's perfect for getting any stray polish that you might have on the skin around your nails.  I am sure that it can be used for nail art, but it's just my choice to have it as a clean up brush.

I would recommend this kit as it had everything you need to create loads of different designs at home. The tools are well made and are stylish with white handles, with an orange Models Own printed logo on each one (I was surprised it wasn't their signature pink!).  One of the only slightly negative points is that the bristles are also white, and they could become stained easily, even after cleaning them with a little polish remover. Overall that's not a huge problem and wouldn't stop the brushes from working in the way they should. The Nail Art kit is available on the Models Own website, at bottle shops and Boots now priced at £8.  Whilst that might be a little more than buying individual tools from websites like eBay, there are very few kits that come with a roll of nail art tape as well as brushes and dotting tools.  If you are after a complete nail art kit then this is perfect.

What nail art tools do you use the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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