Monday, 26 May 2014

Models Own: Summer Updates*

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Models Own have done it again, they've gone and added more beautiful polishes to their collection.  The already popular Fruit Pastel collection sees two new additions, Coconut Cream and Peach Melba.  Polka dot lovers will enjoy the addition of Mirco Dots and fans of gel effect nails will adore the new HyperGel Top Coat.


* Press sample - sent to me for review

I wasn't sure how to best show the effect of the HyperGel topcoat, but what I have done is used my normal top coat with each of the Fruit Pastels and then the HyperGel one.  Hopefully you can see the difference in the pictures.  First up I have Coconut Cream.


Coconut Cream is another lovely nude shade in the Models Own family.  It's quite a creamy white with grey undertones in comparison to other whites.  As with most whites the first coat is quite streaky, but this is soon sorted out with a second coat.  The original Fruit Pastels all have a scent to match their name, and Coconut Cream is no different.  Having said that, the scent is much stronger than the others in the collection, and to be honest it's a little overpowering.  It might just be because I am not the biggest fan of coconut smells in general anyway, but this one isn't for me.  In the first picture you can see it with my normal top coat.  It gives it a super shiny finish.  In the second picture I have added a coat of HyperGel top.  I think this gave it a smoother finish overall.  It's has a high gloss finish and makes the nails appear much thicker, like gels.  I think you can see the gel effect slightly more in this closer up shot.


Next up is Peach Melba.


I love this colour and it's just perfect for the summer.  It a very creamy peach, leaning more towards the orange and tangerine shades than the yellows.  This one was a little thicker than others in the Fruit Pastel collection so was a bit more tricky to apply, but it all came together with a second coat.  Having not really enjoyed the scent of the Coconut Cream, I was a little worried that this may be overpowering as well. Happily, Peach Melba has a pretty scent that is quite subtle, yet enough that you can still enjoy it after a top coat has been added.  I think you can see the HyperGel effect more with this colour.


I love a good polka dot manicure and Micro Dots are the perfect way to get the look really easily.  It's a clear polish jam packed with round matte glitter specks in yellow blue, orange, red and turquoise.  I was really interested to see what this would look like over various different colour bases, so I chose a couple of similar shades to the glitter specks and then some contrasting ones.


Here you can see it on, from left to right, Blue Glint HyperGel, Snow White, Lemon Meringue, and Black.  I absolutely adore this over black, I think it stands out beautifully as there is such a contrast between colours. The only thing with this is it's not a very summery manicure.

In the end I decided to add a coat over the top of Peach Melba.


Fruit Pastels - Launched in May exclusively at Models Own Bottleshops and - £5 each
Micro Dots - Launched in May exclusively at Models Own Bottleshops and - £5
HyperGel Gel Effect Top Coat - worldwide at Models Own Bottleshops now and and launching at Superdrug stores from 30 July 2014 - £8

Will you be adding to your Fruit Pastel collection or going a bit dotty with Micro dots?  Let me know in the comments

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  1. Great swatches! Coconut Cream is a nice colour but it's a shame that it has a really strong smell! Peach Melba is perfect for summer and I think the hypergel topcoat is noticeable - it makes the nail polish look a lot more shiny and smooth! :)

    1. Thanks - glad you like them. It's difficult to capture the difference of the HyperGel top coat in a picture which is why I did them side by side with a regular top coat. It really does give a high gloss finish though. It is a shame about Coconut Cream being strong, because it would be great if you didn't want a bright white. Neutral colour are always a good thing to have x

    2. Barry M has a white out (called coconut) which I really like!

      And I really want to try the Microdots!

    3. The Barry M Coconut is nice too

      I would recommend Microdots. It's great to add something fun to a manicure that's really quick and simple x


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